Netflix Stream Team | Season One, Episode Two β€” Baking Up a Storm with Netflix! (A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 7)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, everyone breathed easierΒ because it marked the last day of A Case Cringle Christmas!

It’s been a solid week of posting here in Casa de Palmer, with giveaways galore sandwiched between reviews, reflections and a healthy dose of mischief, I’ve takenΒ this pile of swag that Sarah eyes with disdain every time she steps into the house, looking for readers who could makeΒ far better use of it than me.

But aΒ huge thanks to everyone who’s been part of the funΒ this week β€” great contests make way for even betterΒ prizes, and your support helps me grow this blog from a hobby into something with a little moreΒ presence.

AndΒ speaking of presents, almost as if that play on words wasn’tΒ completely intentional, ofΒ course I’m ending the week withΒ one last giveaway β€” but you’ll have to bear with me a bit before we get there ????

Netflix Stream Team, Season One, Episode Two β€” Baking Up a Storm with Netflix! (A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 7) β€” The Danforth East Palmers' Christmas circa 2014

The Week That Was… October 25th – 31st, 2015.

This post’s outΒ easilyΒ a week later than I wanted it to be, its author on the tail end of a week relentless with its to-do list. But with Halloween and my son’s second birthday party both in the past, I can put a little more time back into writing and the tale of how I finished October with a new phone in my pocket, eyes open to anΒ entirely new world of deliciousness, and all other sorts of random in the life and times of Casey Palmer!

Before I start, this post is indirectly brought to you by Google Photos, because without a visual history of what I’ve been up to, I’d haveΒ no clue of what wentΒ down every week.

I finished October with my family game onΒ fleek, spending most of my time either at the 9-5 getting things done or at home with my wife and son, the little joys that pop up in the days. How cute Little Man looks when he’s done his breakfast in the morning and wants to fake a nap with his parents. Or hitting up a Halloween party for the neighbourhood toddlers, watching at least a dozen 2-year olds run around as their parents sat watch at the edges of a plush, carpeted basement (Pro Tip: if you’re going to a potluck, be the one who brings the beer!) I used a SportChek credit to keep my underwear gear on point with the Saxx Underwear Company’s Platinum line; we made our preparations to celebrate the Little Man’s second birthday… even when I wasn’t living it up as part of the #BloggerLife, I feel blessed that life had plenty in store to keep me satisfied, always reminding me there’s more to life than the mischief I get into online.

But if you think the #BloggerLife took a week off,Β trust me β€” you don’t know CaseP; there was stillΒ plenty afoot in the week leading up to Halloween β€” let me tell you a bit about it!