300 Second Solutions of the Dinotrux Variety!

Last updated on April 25th, 2021 at 10:27 am

I feel sorry for you parents with the older kids, ’cause at 2 years old, my son’s still pretty dang good about going to bed.

Sure, we have a ritual—brush his teeth, change him into his pyjamas, read a few stories, tuck him into his sleep sack, and put him in his crib under the covers in the specific order of George the Build-a-Bear Monkey; Little Man himself; the handmade teddy Sarah’s Mom gave him at birth; and Tony the Cabbage Patch Doll.

Simple, right?

But the point is, stick to the script and he falls asleep like a brick, succumbing to his strong Palmer genes for sleeping through any situation—even drilling holes in the next room to install a new microwave. (True story!)

There’s no negotiations. No stall tactics. Though a crafty little toddler, he’s yet to discover how to overcome the confines of time, and gets a solid 11 hours of sleep every night.

Wouldn’t it be great if we were all so fortunate?

To the 60% of you who do suffer through tots refusing to hit the sack in a timely fashion*, Netflix and DreamWorks Animation want to help with a new tool for your arsenal to put those complaints—and those kids—to rest.

That’s right—November saw the launch of Dinotrux 5-Minute Favorites, 300-second shorts from one of Netflix’s newest children’s series, designed to help address those pint-sized demands without submitting to a total degradation of law and order in your household!

Besides—the sooner you can get the little ones tucked in, the sooner you’ll lay eyes on the Netflix shows you want to watch, without impressionable young eyes to worry about! (I, for one, personally recommend Master of None and Jessica Jones as some of my recently-enjoyed shows—or River if you’re really thirsty for something that’ll make you think!)

I think we can safely say we all learned something here today—”s/he who screams loudest doesn’t always have to win.” With shows like Dinotrux 5-Minute Favorites, everyone can win and you can all move on with your lives… until the next battle!

Happy watching,

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*As polled by Netflix across all their international offerings

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