Out of the Mouths of Babes.

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The Life and Times of Casey and Family—NaBloPoMo Day 3—Out of the Mouths of Babes.—The Kindergarten Kid Back from Kindergarten Orientation

I didn’t know it then, but before my eldest started junior kindergarten this September, life was simple. Taking an extra eight months away from the office after her mat leave to be with the boys (and because two kids in Toronto daycare is really expensive), Sarah took the boys on various adventures as they grew. I mean, it obviously wasn’t perfect—I’m not entirely sure how Sarah finished those twenty months with her sanity intact—but for the most part, we were in control. We taught them what we wanted, chose what stimuli affected them, and saw them grow in the world we created for them.

But what we hadn’t considered was a new factor just over the horizon—something we couldn’t control that’d affect our son in entirely new ways.

Other. People’s. Kids.

The Inner Child and the Outer Buffoon

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The fifth and final post of Andrea’s five-day run of guest posts for the 2K11 24/7 Honeymoon Series. This is one I think we can all identify with—acting a fool and how to deal with it!

You can check the full series out here:

Back to our regular programming soon, boys and girls! Hope you’re ready for it!

–Casey E. Palmer


No matter your age, whether you’re still in high school, struggling through your first working year, taking care of your family or resting after retirement, you all have an inner child. Whether or not you choose to embrace it falls entirely upon you. I believe a healthy connection between you and your inner child is beneficial on a mental and emotional level for everyone. Children in essence are more carefree and easygoing than any adult could ever hope to be. And why not? They have people to look after all their hardships and smooth over all those bumps and holes in the road.

Connecting with your inner child allows you to be silly and naïve if only for a few brief moments when you acknowledge it. Going to see the newest Disney or Pixar flick, that’s your inner child! That temptation to swing through the toy department with the excuse that you’re looking for something for your nephew? Inner child! You can get down in the dirt and swing through the trees when you have your inner child out. You aren’t afraid to be a ninny, act silly and laugh uproariously!

The line needs to get drawn at the point where your adult nature takes liberties with your inner child and creates your outer buffoon. You’ve all seen the OB. That guy in the theatre throwing popcorn at people in front of him or kicking the back of your chair. If you haven’t seen the OB….maybe you’re the culprit? In any event, you need to learn to see the line before you cross it. You may not catch on immediately but experience will always tell where it is. Here’s some tips:

1. Watch other buffoons. Do not imitate them!

  1. Think on what you’re doing either before or as you’re doing it. It’s never too late to stop being the OB abruptly.
  1. If you mistakenly act as the OB, make sure to apologize for any harm caused.
  1. Reflect and remember. If you’ve acted as an OB before, remember what triggered the crossover and avoid it at all costs in future.

These four tips should keep you swaddled nicely with your inner child and away from falling into your outer buffoon.

Now go watch your favourite Disney movie and connect the dots!

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