Birthdays, BiSC and Blogging

Mansformation — A much-needed service; I'm just not sure I'm the one to deliver it.

In the second of 10 posts, I look at The 2013 100 to show what I managed to pull off in 2013,  what I had to cancel, and some peeks at what I have planned for 2014! Previous Posts: DO ALL THE THINGS: The 2013 100 Wrap-up 1-10: Driving, Drawing And Dining The 2013 100,… Continue reading Birthdays, BiSC and Blogging


Well, DoomzDay turned out to be doomsday… for one of us. I’m pretty sure it was the point where I wound up ejecting the contents of my stomach all over a table where I realised—”Hey! This night did not go as I’d planned it!” sigh, You’d think that by 29 you’d learn how to tell… Continue reading DoomzDay


If you’ve never met Troy Oakley, you’re missing out on quite the experience. One day, having decided to pack his bags and move to the big, bad city of Toronto, I met him shortly thereafter, at my first tweetup in October 2010.  Since then, I’d easily put him up there as one of the most… Continue reading #OakleyInc40Oaks

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