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THIRTY-FIVE — Just Trying to Thrive! (Featured Image)

THIRTY-FIVE: Just Trying to Thrive!

Thirty-five—it doesn’t feel like a big deal, but it sure sounds like one. I’ve made birthdays a bit of a non-event for myself since having kids. It isn’t me being “emo” about it as Sarah surmised last year when she planned out a wonderful surprise dinner with my family, but […]

The Life and Times of the Palmer Family — NaBloPoMo Day 10 — This is 4. (Featured Image) v2

The Life and Times of the Palmer Family — NaBloPoMo Day 10 — This is 4.

Hey kiddo, You’ll often hear me joke that we’re simply graduating from the “Terrifying Threes” to the “What the Fours,” but no matter what comes out of your father’s cynical, hardened mouth, I want you to know that you’re a pretty great kid. I’m plenty hard on you—your little […]

Thirty-Four- Becoming the Man I've Been Looking For (Featured Image)

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer — Thirty-Four: Becoming the Man I’ve Been Looking For

And all of a sudden, the blog came to a standstill. I can’t blame it on anything in particular—I had more than enough to write about with nearly a dozen posts sitting around at about 90% complete—but things felt different. Some stories felt false. Deadlines didn’t feel as urgent anymore. 2017’s been my […]

Thirty-Three- A Year Spent Looking Hard Trying to Find ME. (Featured Image)

Thirty-Three: A Year Spent Looking Hard Trying to Find ME.

I feel like we do this every year—I get a little older, grow a little wiser, but somehow miss the mark on accomplishing the countless items left sitting on my to-do list with each passing birthday. Call it being unrealistic or being too hard on myself, but there’s a genuinely great […]

Happy Birthday, Casey Palmer — Here's to the Hustle! (Banner)

Thirty-Two: Happy Birthday, Casey Palmer — Here’s to the Hustle!

July 2015 — I’ve just turned 32 years old, and I’m trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve built this #BloggerLife for myself — a little digital space with promise, letting me share thoughts and ideas with thousands, evolving around me as I learn to […]

The 2K11 24/7 CXCVI: Another Year Older -aka- Aging Gracefully

We’re getting older. In 1986, the Beastie Boys released Licensed to Ill, which included the smash success song “(You’ve Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)” It was a fantastic song that had people dancing like maniacs time and time again, and it’s one of the songs marking […]

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