Being Black in Canada

Black culture is unique—one of the few cultures thrust upon a people and not developed by them. A Jamaican is not a Gambian is not an Australian Aborigine. We’ve got tribes within tribes and languages within languages but somehow lumped together by the colour of our skin. And we’ve made the best of it. From… Continue reading Being Black in Canada

Drekken Pownz & Jemmie Robles | Be Fabulous

And then sometimes you need to take a step back and handle your ish. With Father’s Day come and gone for 2018, I was finally free to take stock of everything going on in the rest of my life, and it was a mess. A to-do list 270 items deep. Friends and family whose voices… Continue reading Drekken Pownz & Jemmie Robles | Be Fabulous

Brown Girl Begins

A few days back, CaribbeanTales invited me to see the theatrical release of Brown Girl Begins — the first Caribbean-Canadian sci-fi feature film! Starring Mouna Traoré as the lead heroine Ti-Jeanne, it was a refreshing take on the genre that had me reflect on some things. Check out the review, then go see the film!… Continue reading Brown Girl Begins

February’s Over, But We’re STILL BLACK.

When you’re a one-man operation trying to put out a series for Black History Month, there are some things you might not want to do with your February, like: Hit up a Dad Summit in New Orleans to make dozens of new friends and better understand all the possible ways to be a great Dad,… Continue reading February’s Over, But We’re STILL BLACK.

The Chocolate Babies in: It’s Bedtime Now

So a lot happened at the Dad 2.0 Summit. I made new friends. Finally met up with old ones. And on top of that, I got to meet men I idolised without even realising I was doing it, like Beleaf Melanin and his beautiful family, half of which were there with him at the summit… Continue reading The Chocolate Babies in: It’s Bedtime Now

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