Yesterday, thanks to the advice from a friend to save my Instagram story to my profile, I came up with a new hashtag #BlackDadWorries that spells out how I feel in the face of all this death. And death isn’t even calling it what it is—murder, with Black lives continually cut short, and the message… Continue reading #BlackDadWorries

The Trouble with Tokenism

Tokenism. One of those things the Black community doesn’t talk about nearly enough, tokenism is what happens when someone’s in a group where everyone else is completely unlike them. Much of my life had me as the token Black guy, navigating spaces unfamiliar to me again and again as I defined my identity. Black Canadians make… Continue reading The Trouble with Tokenism

Examining Blackness.

Source: Photo by Chiamaka Nwolisa on Unsplash

When I started this project, it had a straightforward premise—to let Black Canadians share their stories, seldom seen in our history books. And that worked at first—interviewing my fellow creators and weaving our stories together into something everyone could understand—but what I didn’t realise was how much I’d learn from them, the breadth of our… Continue reading Examining Blackness.

Asante Haughton | What IS Blackness, Exactly?

“Am I Black enough?” Blackness: More than just Melanin Those who’ve followed my podcast Chatting with Casey from its very first episode know that this isn’t the first time I’ve asked this question. If you considered the archetypal Black man you know from popular media—rocking an oversized hoodie; listening to rap music full-blast; and having a deep… Continue reading Asante Haughton | What IS Blackness, Exactly?

Casey Palmer | Am I Black Enough?

Inspiration can hit you from the strangest places. A Podcast, A Podcast, My Kingdom for a Podcast!!! My Blackness has always been something I’ve struggled with, trying to figure out whether I’m Black enough and what that really means. In a world where everyone has an opinion on what Blackness is about, it didn’t help… Continue reading Casey Palmer | Am I Black Enough?

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