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Small But Mighty- My Experience at 2017's BConnected Conference! (Featured Image)

Small But Mighty: My Experience at 2017’s BConnected Conference!

I am small but mighty. You wouldn’t know it to look at me on the surface, but I went to 2017’s BConnected Conference feeling kinda down about my brand. I was doing better than ever, yes, but I didn’t feel like I was growing anymore. I had a wealth […]

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer- An Elegy for Mediocrity (Featured Image)

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer: An Elegy for Mediocrity

Y’all ain’t interested in writing anything great. The name of the game is mediocrity. Mediocre blogs that don’t share anything worth reading; people who skip birthdays for mediocre events; mediocre personalities, expectations and lives. No one’s striving for anything amazing anymore. And it boggles my mind—everything’s literally within reach, but when people find out how […]

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer — Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November! (Featured Image)

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer — Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November!

November 5th, Guy Fawkes Night. While I’m no political activist trying to fight a system that’s holding me down, there’s still plenty I’m fighting against daily. A blogosphere filled with people who just don’t try, satisfied doing the bare minimum for their content, not aspiring to grow any greater than […]

Happy Birthday, Casey Palmer — Here's to the Hustle! (Banner)

Thirty-Two: Happy Birthday, Casey Palmer — Here’s to the Hustle!

July 2015 — I’ve just turned 32 years old, and I’m trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve built this #BloggerLife for myself — a little digital space with promise, letting me share thoughts and ideas with thousands, evolving around me as I learn to […]

Monthly WrapUp — May — The Wren — Sarah and Casey

DO ALL THE THINGS: Monthly Wrap-Up — Do As You May

Y’all too scared. 2014’s seen me grow a lot, finally realizing what it’s like to have a voice, believing in it enough to stop compromising and start telling the world how I really feel. I’m not producing as aggressively as I used to, but now I’m giving each […]

Casey Palmer in Repose

THE GREAT SOCIAL MEDIA STORY: Blogging Ain’t Everything!

Like a Jay-Z retirement, I wasn’t stepping away from the social media game, but my relationship with it was definitely changing. When I met someone at Friday’s TacoTweetup who asked how many tweetups I’d been to, his eyes bugged out when I answered “I dunno — 100? 150?” For […]

#SaugaTweetUp IV Group Shot


“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?’ — Mark 8:36, The Holy Bible, New International Version Remember when social media in Toronto was fun? I remember my first encounter with Twitter back in 2008 when I hit a marketing event with Sarah, […]

Sign: "I'm lost. I've gone to look for myself. If I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait."

Paying Dues — Stand for Something or Fall for Anything

“Everybody wanna be a star, don’t wanna be who they are.” — Beanie Sigel, “Everybody Wanna Be A Star”, The Truth (2000) You can get sucked into the game faster than you can blink. Build an audience and people will start knocking at your door. Brands, would-be collaborators, haters — […]

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