SPONSORED POST: A Little Bit of Help is All We Need – Arash and His #BMODayOff

We need to help each other out.

My life would’ve turned out far differently without people in my corner to help me along the way. When I started my first job at 14, my father was helping me understand what it meant to earn an honest wage and what more I could do with an education. When he recognized I could become an asset in banking, it was one of my Dad’s customers who helped, getting me the chance to successfully advance in the financial sector over several years. When unemployed in 2009 after a hasty career choice in the public sector, a manager I’d only briefly worked with pulled me out of my hole, effectively helping me establish the career I have today.

I don’t care what anyone says — you’re not getting anywhere without help.

But you can’t just take in life — you’ve got to give help to others, too.