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#BUYogurtys — Buytopia.ca and Yogurty's — Grand Opening 875 Eglinton Avenue West — Froyo the Bear

#BUYogurtys — Buytopia.ca and Yogurty’s Fight to Keep Summer Alive!

Buytopia.ca and Yogurty’s are in denial. Someone didn’t tell them that the days have grown shorter, the nights colder, and our city kinda miserable until the weather takes a turn for the better about six months from now. But maybe that’s why we need people in denial — to […]

#BuytopiaPaintNite — Paint Nite Toronto — Banu — Group Shot — All the Buytopia Inner Circle Bloggers and their works of art!

We Paint Like the BOMB, Though at Paint Nite Toronto!

Once upon a time, drawing was all I’d ever do. I carried sketchbooks and supplies wherever I went, transforming my imagination into all sorts of pieces. I don’t know when I stopped, but if you’ve got a good thing going, never stop, because you never know when you’ll […]

The Jays watching their game.

SPONSORED POST: Take me out to the Ball Game — A Buytopia Deal

My Dad loves baseball. I don’t know whether it’s something hearkening from his days in Jamaica or a burning desire to show patriotism in his later life as a Canadian, but he’s fiercely followed the progress of the Toronto Blue Jays for as long as I can remember. […]

G... for Gelato and Espresso Bar — Blood Orange Flavour

I AM NOT A FOODIE: G… for Gelato and Espresso Bar

G… for Gelato and Espresso Bar Seating: Around 30 Address: 75 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON Location: Jarvis/Adelaide Neighbourhood: St. Lawrence Food type: Italian fare and gelato Shant Behesnilan is a man who’s passionate about customer service. He’s done what many only dream of — making the jump from […]

Casey and friends at Horseshoe Valley, 2006.

The Lords of Winter — A Buytopia Skiing/Snowboarding Deal at Skyloft

It’s -14°C outside, feeling like -21 with windchill. To everyone who’d complained that we weren’t getting a white Christmas, I hope you’re happy now. It’s been ages since I’ve gone skiing (February 21, 2006 to be precise). I remember the last time I was on the slopes — barely […]

Dessert: Classic TAJAN Vanilla Ice cream in Affogato

I AM NOT A FOODIE: Cooking With Chef Pino, the Chef on Two Wheels

Today we take a short break from the November to Remember series to talk about an amazing experience I had last night, which involved one of the few things that’ve paralyzed me in my tracks for years — — cooking. Back when my Dad used to run a restaurant, he […]

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