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#100HappyDays — Days 32-36 — My Sock Story — Socking Behaviour Socks — Bugatchi

#100HappyDays — Five Days in the Life of Casey Palmer, Father Blogger

When Sarah got me doing the #100HappyDays, I thought it’d be a good exercise to teach me how to write shorter posts, giving my readers a break from the lengthy novellas I usually write.  A daily picture with a short description — not that hard, right? Except that all […]

100 Happy Days — Can You Be Happy for 100 Days in a Row?

#100HappyDays — Day 29 — Candy Crush Saga: Dreamworld

It’s on the day where nothing seems to happen that we must remember that amazing things seldom happen overnight. Everything I build as a side hustle may never be perfect, but I’m all about reaching my potential with anything I’m working on. After clearing up what blog post goes where […]

100 Happy Days — Can You Be Happy for 100 Days in a Row?

#100HappyDays — Day 23 — A Wedding Invite on a Great Day!

  Barely four months old and my son’s already getting invited to weddings — he’ll probably be even more of a social butterfly than I am, time he gets to my age! (Okay. That made me sound really old.) Today was nothing short of mind-blowing. Despite a 6 AM wake-up call […]

The Candy Crush Saga — Level 391

The Art of Candy Crushing — How I Finished 395 Levels in Candy Crush Saga

“I never placed a game on my phone ever, and then I played Candy Crush.” — becsophia There’s a whole list of things that make Candy Crush Saga as addictive as it is: You get 5 lives to progress, and lose a life every time you fail a level. […]

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