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You buy clothes that fit your style and do things that fit your interests. So why’re you buying the same insurance as everybody else? Esurance has brought homeowners and auto insurance to Ontario and Alberta—insurance unique enough to fit you like a second skin! Come read all about it!

Change the Way you Insure with Esurance Insurance!—Winter in Toronto

It finally happened, Toronto. We thought we could dodge it and the good times would last forever. People strolled around in the middle of December with their coats wide open, not caring that the calendar marked toboggan season. I saw people still mowing their lawns in late November—a time of the year where everyone’s usually salting their walkways so they don’t slip and break their necks. No—snow’s hit Toronto, and it’s here with a vengeance.

But it could be worse—at least we have some idea of what to do when the world freezes over. Bundle up. Get winter tires on your car. Stock up on groceries just in case the weather gets bad. We do all we can to make it through winter, but is anyone making winter easier for you?

Let’s be real—winter takes its toll. Salt and snow do a number on your car, you need extra nutrition so you don’t catch cold… there are extra costs we need to pay to make it through this season, and it’s not like anyone’s paying us more to help out.

Good thing there are ways for us to pay less.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Esurance, an online insurance provider that can protect your interests and save you money!

isure & Casey Palmer Present: Going for Broker

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Why would you trust your future to a number of drop-down boxes and a button that says “submit“?

In a world that too often sees us making decisions that are convenient rather than intelligent, for this month’s post with my partners at isure, we’re looking at what an insurance brokerage actually does, and why you should work with them.

isure & Casey Palmer Present—Going for Broker—Why Working with Insurance Brokers is the Better Way to Go!—the isure Service Guarantee

Many of us think the same thing—”it’d never happen to me”.

More than once, I’ve seen families ruined by the beliefs that they didn’t need insurance—even when their jobs offered it at an affordable price point—or that they couldn’t get it: that insurance products are too expensive to put money into when cash is already so tight; that they’re too complicated for the common consumer to figure out which would be the right fit for them… we surround ourselves with so many untruths and misconceptions about insurance that it’s no wonder that so many of us find getting the right insurance for us so confusing!

Which makes one wonder why we’re so obsessed with figuring it all out ourselves.

isure Insurance Brokers: Helping You Find Insurance Solutions that’re Just as Unique as You Are!

Coming up on 33 years old, I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing myself, and with that, it means living with the knowledge that there’re only so many things I’m good at.

I can write you a good story. Or cobble up a mean Excel workbook. I’m not so bad at the Candy Crush Saga, don’t get nervous before a crowd, and if I can’t make you laugh, I’m definitely having an off day.

But I’m not about to reach in your mouth and pretend that I’m a dentist. If my pipes burst at home, fixing them myself is out of the question—for a job that size, I call a plumber; my very unhandy self would likely just make things worse. When you need a job done right, you call the professionals, and insurance is no exception.

isure & Casey Palmer Present—Going for Broker—Why Working with Insurance Brokers is the Better Way to Go!—Insurance Brokers Save You Time and Money

An insurance broker is like having a personal head hunter for great coverage. After getting to know you, they approach insurance providers on your behalf, making sure you get the policies you need at a price that works for you. I mean, sure—you could go the route of direct insurance or using online quotes, but why sell yourself short? The older you get, the more you realize you’re not just like everyone else—why invest in services that’d treat you otherwise with one-size-fits-all web interfaces and standard questionnaire call centres?

It’s time to choose insurance that’s just as unique as you are.

For a decade now, isure’s prided themselves as a customer-focused property and casualty insurance provider, using a human-centred approach to helping their clients cover their homes, cars, recreational vehicles and businesses. They don’t do it half-heartedly, either—guaranteeing a 10-quote minimum when seeking out the best possible policies, they go to the distance in helping customers know exactly what they’re in for, knowing there’s no such thing as a dumb question or a need too small… they’ll do whatever they can to help.

They know that we don’t live in an unchanging world, constantly seeking out new and innovative solutions to continually expand the services they offer, looking to keep at the forefront of the insurance industry to keep challenging the expectations for what your insurance provider can give you. Much like how you upgrade your phone to take advantage of the features the latest devices can give you, and refresh your wardrobe to stay abreast of the latest trends, it might be time to look at your insurance and make sure it’s what you need for the person you are today—not the one you were when you first got your policy! Whether you’re looking for better ways to insure that new family home, or auto insurance that really sees who you are as a driver, their unique approaches are worth giving a shot!

So there you have it—a gaggle of reasons why if you’re not working with an insurance broker already, it may be time to seek advice that comes with more of a human touch.

isure Insurance Brokers: Because You Are More than a Number.

isure & Casey Palmer Present—Going for Broker—Why Working with Insurance Brokers is the Better Way to Go!—Be at Ease with Help from Your Insurance Broker!

If you’re not convinced by now about everything insurance brokers can do for you, worry not—it’s only the beginning! There’re still plenty of things that isure’s looking to do as they continue to raise the bar for their offerings, and the only thing you need to do? All you need to do is give them a chance!

But hopefully this post taught you at least a thing or two you didn’t already know, and if you do want to get to know isure and what they can do for you—help is but a click away!

Good luck to all who enter and take care of yourselves!

Until the next, I remain,

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Disclaimer: I’ve been compensated for this post—the latest in a series with isure to help consumers in Ontario discover the options available for their insurance needs! If you’re in the market for insurance solutions that’ll mesh with your world, whatever it is, you should drop them a line! Auto Insurance

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I’ve heard it said that driving a car is easy—it’s just everybody else on the road that you need to worry about!

Drive Your Way to Delight at!—Little Man Behind the Wheel of a Bus

In the three years I’ve driven so far (because once you’ve hit 30, it’s time to start taking adulting seriously), I’ve seen some things. I’ve learned to wish ill upon those who do sudden lane changes with nary an indication, clearly believing their claim to the road stronger than anyone else around them. I’ve learned that even though the streets are crawling with police who’re more than ready to levy hefty fines for distracted driving, there’re still far too many who take the law as a suggestion and not an iron-clad rule, giving us more traffic accidents than one might expect. Though I keep learning things about the ever-shifting rules of the road every time I find myself behind the wheel, I consistently find there’s one thing I’m thankful for above all else—good auto insurance.

Getting the Right Auto Insurance, or, “Why I Don’t Ask My Banker to do my Acupuncture or My Butcher to Landscape My Yard.”

Drive Your Way to Delight with Auto Insurance at!—isure logo

We often take our auto insurance for granted, thinking it something we grab on a whim after buying a car. We don’t get into the weeds of our decision—how much the deductibles are, what our policies cover… we too often choose fairly blindly, relying on inexpert advice from our family and friends to choose the safeguards we’ll rely on when things go south.

But just as I wouldn’t ask my accountant father to take a look in my mouth if I get a sudden toothache, why get insurance advice from people poorly suited to the task when services exist that’re designed to best suit your needs?

isure’s a company precisely fitting that description, an Ontario insurance brokerage that’s focused on getting their clients exactly what they need to live lives as stress-free as they’re supposed to be.

Drive Your Way to Delight at!—A Grey Sky Over Toronto

In a country where the weather can change more often than we do our underwear (which I hope is at least daily for y’all out there), there’s plenty to consider when your rubber hits the road. Are you willing to pay more upfront to get more from your insurance when you might need it, or are you looking for accident forgiveness that unfortunate first time things go awry? Or maybe you’re a young driver whose demographic belies just how safe a driver you are, and you’d actually benefit from giving your insurance company more information about your driving habits to lower your rates.

There’s no such thing as “simple” insurance at all.

Which is exactly why isure helps their clients navigate through their insurance policies to avoid potential pitfalls. They write blog posts on ways to save money when choosing an insurance policy. They broker deals with and run comparisons against more than 25 different insurance providers, to make sure their clients get what they need. It’s always the fine print that gets us, so why not have someone in your corner who’ll hold the magnifying glass, making sure you won’t regret it later once you’ve signed on the dotted line?

I guess that’s just my long way of saying: If you don’t know your way around auto insurance, go get someone who does. You can even visit their site to get a free auto insurance quote online, comparing rates to give you the best premiums for what you need!

isure: Making Auto Insurance WAY Easier. The Rest is Up to YOU.

Drive Your Way to Delight at!—Little Man Giving His Friend a Push in a Toy Car

It’s no news to many of us that life is hard. With the exception of the very fortunate, we spend our days trying to eke out a living, often grinding away in unforgiving jobs, never really getting ahead of the bills and taxes.

isure won’t solve all your woes, but taking control of the things meant to protect your future is a step in an excellent right direction!

Good luck to all who enter, and until the next, I remain,

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Disclaimer: I’ve partnered with isure to bring you content focused on insurance and the things you should know to keep on top of making the right decisions in your life, avoiding pitfalls that are easy to fall into if you don’t get the right guidance.

It’s indeed sponsored content, but I’m a huge advocate for covering your bases when it comes to protecting the lives of those who matter most to us, so for me it’s a perfect fit. I hope you’ll continue to check these posts out!

Live Better—Letting isure do the Worrying FOR You.

Everybody has something they’re trying to protect.

I didn’t fully appreciate it until we started having kids, but I’d take a bullet for my family. The things I held dear before were far more intangible—my viewpoints and ideals; the things you couldn’t see but very much made me who I was. But now? Amidst sleepless nights, dirty diapers and tantrums over things as simple as whether we’ll have scrambled eggs for breakfast, I love my family for what it is, and as tough as this world is, I wouldn’t want anything to change that.

But not everything’s under my control—I certainly won’t be here forever. I can’t be around for my children every second of the day—they’ll encounter things on the schoolyard, the streets, and who knows where else that I’d never want to see happen in their lives. Every new day brings unexpected challenges and lessons we need to learn… for all these things we can rarely see coming, it often proves difficult to prepare for it all.

But it’s our responsibility to make the best effort possible to do so!

The world’s randomness is why we have insurance. This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned it—I did a sizable piece on life insurance a little while back—but you can’t protect everything you care about on your own… you just can’t be everywhere at the same time!

Which makes it good that there are companies specializing in this kind of thing!

isure—Keeping the Things That Matter Most Safe… Even When You Can’t!

isure—Welcome MatI was introduced to isure earlier this year—an independent insurance brokerage working with their clients across Ontario to get them what they need to safeguard the cherished things they worked for; not just tell them what options they qualify for. isure uses the same approach you’d use with a mortgage or stockbroker—they shop on behalf of their clients across more than 25 insurers for the best possible quotes so they can cover all their bases for the best possible price, no matter what they’re looking to take care of!

Home insurance? They got you. Motorcycle insurance? They’ll get it sorted faster than you’ll get from A to Z! They can help with insurance for your business, and even do more for your auto insurance, like tracking your driving habits for you to prove that you’re a safe driver way faster than any questionnaire could!

isure—Benefits of Working with isure (chart)isure’s aware that the world’s a changing place, and they’re working hard to change right along with it—they’ve been at it since 2006, so rest assured that it’s not some fly-by-night operation just looking to take your money! No—isure’s staffed with real brokers and fellow people who want to treat you like far more than a policy number—they’re out to protect the very same things that you are. You can learn even more about them by subscribing to the news on their site or by joining the more than 24,000 fans over on their Facebook page!

isure—Because Insurance is Useless if You Get it AFTER You Needed it.

isure—Choice is GoodSo why not give isure a whirl? You never know where you might find some savings in your current insurance set-up, or even how little it might take to get a solid insurance policy—they’re out to remind you that choice is good, and they’ll do everything they can to get it for you! And with more than ten ways to get in touch with them, why wouldn’t you give them a chance?

But if you remember anything from this post, remember this—you can’t put a price on the things that matter to you most. Just as we welcomed our second little guy into our family, my wife lost her grandmother, a stark reminder that you often fail to truly realize what you have until it’s gone.

For the times your home’s unprotected, filled with memories, keepsakes and more.

For the times the people you love are on the road, weaving through the teenagers who just got their licenses and 40-year road veterans alike.

For just about everything life wants to throw at the people you love most, it’s best to be prepared—connect with isure today!

Until the next,

–case p.

DIsclaimer: While compensated for this post by isure, the words are my own and I definitely stand by them—if you’re not insured, get insured; life is full of unpredictable twists and turns… you need to prepare for as many of them as possible!

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