TRY YOUR LUCK: The Worldwide $450 #BlizzardBucks Cash Giveaway!!!

Okay, now I think we can officially start getting ready for Christmas.

We’ve filled the neighbourhood kids’ baskets on Halloween. We’ve bought our poppies and hopefully explained Remembrance Day’s importance to our children so they don’t take the sacrifices made on their behalfs for granted. And since we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October, and Black Friday isn’t officially a thing up here, we can safely bust out our tinsel and trees free of neighbourly shade!

But you’re not getting something for nothing—Christmas is easily the most expensive holiday, and no one wants to be the parent who couldn’t get their kids something nice under the tree. Remember what Drake said?

“I’m more concerned with ████ thinkin’ ’bout Christmas in August
Do anything to buy gifts for their daughters”

— Drake, “Lord Knows”, Take Care (2011)

All that said, may I present Exhibit A—the #BlizzardBucks $450 Canadian Cash Giveaway, a way for you to make your Christmas season a lot merrier!

TRY YOUR LUCK: The Summer Lovin’ Cash Giveaway!

Summer’s ’round the corner, y’all, but if you think you’ll make it through without lightening the wallet some, I think you need a reality check!

Though my boys are still quite young, I by no means expect summer to be cheap. These next few months alone sees camping, church camp, time at the beach, and time keeping my preschooler entertained while Sarah takes our toddler cross-country! Nah man, this season costs money, and if you haven’t been saving for it already, then hey—maybe I can do a little something to help you out!

I teamed up with dozens of other bloggers to bring you the Summer Lovin’ Cash Giveaway, where one lucky winner’s walking away with $425 USD to call their own! It doesn’t take much to enter—a valid email address and a blog comment—but hey: your chances drastically improve if you check out the optional entries in the Giveaway Tools widget below! You only have ’til June 19th to get in on it, so gon’ get’cha some! Good luck!

The Summer Lovin’ Cash Giveaway — Because Doesn’t EVERYONE Deserve a Great Summer???

Sure, money isn’t everything, but it does make some things a lot more enjoyable—maybe the Summer Lovin’ Cash Giveaway will help you take your summer to the next level!

Good luck to all who enter, and if you need me, I’ll be here budgeting for my boys to enjoy these summer days as much as possible!

Until the next,

–case p.