Why I Quit The #Chronicle150 | Why I Quit.

I started 2017 with a plan—or at the very least, something resembling one. Months later, most Canadians probably forgot, but we did indeed celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday this year! The hype was all too real between Ottawa’s grandiose plans and brand aplenty who wanted to make their mark—everyone wanted in on the celebration, myself no… Continue reading Why I Quit The #Chronicle150 | Why I Quit.

Nikki Yeh, Journalist/Admin, Adventures in Baby Savings | #Chronicle150 #36

Last Update: October 31, 2020 Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to the #Chronicle150, where we strive to find 150 Canadian stories to commemorate this nation’s 150th birthday! The series took a break for a while—you wouldn’t believe how much is going on here behind the scenes—but it’s high time this project got back on… Continue reading Nikki Yeh, Journalist/Admin, Adventures in Baby Savings | #Chronicle150 #36

Pauleanna Reid, Author | #Chronicle150 #35

I have to say—I thought I’d struck Pauleanna’s nerve in my hunt for Live contributors. She’d told me she was too busy when I pressed her with one of my emails, but one brief look at her résumé will tell you that’s exactly what she was! Pauleanna’s ode to her country shows a lot of… Continue reading Pauleanna Reid, Author | #Chronicle150 #35

Talia Leacock, Storyteller | #Chronicle150 #34

For the #Chronicle150, one thing I really appreciate is when people don’t feel forced to stick to the script. I met Talia when scouting contributors for this year’s Tales from the 2.9, quickly intrigued when I realised she holds a degree in professional writing from York University! I’ve developed a real love for the craft over… Continue reading Talia Leacock, Storyteller | #Chronicle150 #34

Grace Pan, Influencer, Planner, Instagrammer | #Chronicle150 #33

Grace Pan is very likely my favourite foodstagrammer in this city. There. I said it. We met under… less than ideal circumstances (just saying, when a person you just met is willing to sift through garbage to help you find your wedding ring—friend for life), but I’m entirely glad to include her in my life. In… Continue reading Grace Pan, Influencer, Planner, Instagrammer | #Chronicle150 #33