Tracy Molyneaux | No Terrible People Allowed!

I was naΓ―ve to think a podcast would somehow give meΒ less writing to do every day! If I thought writing solid thousand-wordΒ posts were a challenge, imagine how I felt when I realised that there’re tenΒ thousand of ’em in an hour-long podcast! I’d become pretty accomplished as a writer, sure, but I didn’t do that overnight. I still needed to train my podcasting brain so I wouldn’t need toΒ write my thoughts outΒ first… I just wanted to get on the mic and make the magicΒ happen.

But until we reach that day, practice will justΒ have to make perfect, and it’s with that approach in mind that I bring you the second Chatting with Casey!

Chatting with Casey 0002 β€” No Terrible People Allowed! β€” Casey at The Poet CafeIf you notice a slight change in tone this episode, let’s just say I’ve learned my lessonβ€”don’t record your podcastΒ anywhere you’re not comfortable just beingΒ yourself.

I wasn’t finding the time to record at home, so I found a quiet spot to get my thoughts out and get on the ball for episode two!

Yeah,Β big mistake. I soundΒ entirelyΒ subdued like I just had a bad day at the job. It’s a lesson well-learned that I don’t plan to need twice, so here’s hoping you stick around for week three!

As for this episode, it features an interview with Tracy Molyneaux, who among the variousΒ other hats she wears, currently manages Coffee Public at Bay and College in downtown Toronto!

It’s worth listening to the podcast to hear Tracy’s story! AmidstΒ her side hustles/passions in makeup artistry and jewellery making and managing aΒ ridiculous number of social media accounts, I’m glad she found time to talk to me!

You can check episodeΒ two out below!

A Night Out at Creeds β€” Redefining My Adult Expectations

Be a content creator long enough and plenty starts blurring together. Events run the same way. The same routine of reviewing the products left at the doorstep. One thingΒ that’s always put me off as a creative is too muchΒ routine, and that’s without a doubt how I feel about the blog at times after writing it for so long.

Which is why I’m over the moon when something not onlyΒ surprises me but also leaves an impact on my world and the way I see things!

A Night Out at Creeds β€” Redefining My Adult Expectations β€” Creeds Coffee Menu

Some weeks back, I got an invite to a casual event at Creeds, an upscale coffee shop and dry cleaners up by Dupont and Spadina. I admittedlyΒ didn’t think much of it at firstβ€”I didn’t like coffee, and already had aΒ well-established relationship with my local dry cleanerβ€”but I figured why not; as a fashionable Dad it’s always good to know about what’s out there, and it’d be a good change of pace.

And you know what? It’s a good thing IΒ did because that evening changed a few things about my world I thought I knew forΒ sure.

Starbucks for Life | How to Rock #StarbucksForLife Without Breaking the Bank

So unless you’ve been under a sizeable rock for some time, you’ll know that Starbucks is back with their #StarbucksForLife contest, rewarding droves of java junkies with chances to win several prizes if they complete the contest challenges!

My buddy Zach and I spoke recently about #StarbucksForLife, thinking about the most efficient route to scoring the contest badges in a race to catch ’em all! (Because, you know, who would I be without an obligatory PokΓ©mon reference?)

So, using the information we have so far, here’s a look at how I’d go about getting the maximum impact from the #StarbucksForLife campaign for my fellow Canadians!

How to Rock #StarbucksForLife Without Breaking the Bank β€” Starbucks for Life Challenges
The full list of #StarbucksForLife Challenges β€” likely an early prototype, as Afternoon Coffee Break seems renamed to BRB and This One’s On Me is absent from the current board.