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Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad Fohr Freshman Class 2018 — Call for Testimonials

I NEED YOUR HELP: Testimonials for the Fohr Freshman Class 2018

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a stellar weekend! It’s a busy one over here, but when are they not, right? So hey—I try to avoid asking y’all for things because my personal mission is to entertain and engage with as many different kinds of content as possible, but I […]

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer- An Elegy for Mediocrity (Featured Image)

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer: An Elegy for Mediocrity

Y’all ain’t interested in writing anything great. The name of the game is mediocrity. Mediocre blogs that don’t share anything worth reading; people who skip birthdays for mediocre events; mediocre personalities, expectations and lives. No one’s striving for anything amazing anymore. And it boggles my mind—everything’s literally within reach, but when people find out how […]

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