Blogging’s Not Dead, The Game’s Just CHANGED.

Blogging's Not Dead, The Game's Just CHANGED. (Featured Image)

Any content creator lamenting for the “good ol’ days” is one who’s just not ready for change.

Blogging's Not Dead, The Game's Just CHANGED. — A Notepad and Pen for Writing
It’s time to get back to basics.

The digital landscape isn’t one that’s ever still. We’ve come a long way from blogging’s humble beginnings, where we had these stand-alone sites that held all the content. I’m sure the bloggers back then couldn’t have seen any of this coming—in a world where you got your video from sketchy Russian sites instead of the juggernaut that’s YouTube in 2018, you just had to have a very different view of how everything worked.

But change was afoot, and soon social media would alter the way things worked forever. While we’d still have a handful of creators who stood out from the rest, now we had access to them like never before—everyone had a voice.

Bloggers simply weren’t ready for all that came next.

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