To Infinity and Beyond – Why You Should Make Me a Space Axetronaut!!!

The picture of me on the AXE Apollo Space Academy contest voting site.
Because space is the final frontier… and I’m not there yet!

To help me in my quest to become an Axetronaut (a term coined by my friend Christine), you¬†could not bother reading this post and just vote for me at, but I’ve got a story to tell.

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How cool would it be to go to outer space???

A while back, I’d put a quote up for discussion on my Facebook from Penelope Trunk, author of¬†The New American Dream:

It used to be we had a midlife crisis. Then we had a quarterlife crisis. Now we have a
constant crisis. Adults feel overwhelmed by the idea of trying to construct a life that
works. And the core of this problem is that the goal of happiness is feeling vacuous. It’s
just hard to say that. It’s hard to say you are not trying to get what you were raised to
get. It‚Äôs hard to say you are not playing the game you were taught in school ‚Äď for twenty
years ‚Äď to play.

In her book, Penelope surmises that we’re not¬†actually looking for happiness in our lives ‚ÄĒ we’re just looking to keep things¬†interesting. We get so wrapped up in our daily routines and trying to live at a certain standard that we forget to change it up now and then. To try new experiences, go new places, meet new people ‚ÄĒ we somehow convince ourselves that we’ll be happy if only we can keep things constant and meet a specific goal.

You’re kidding me, right?

No, the universe out there is so much larger and more complex than we can even fathom ‚ÄĒ yet me limit ourselves to the files on our desks. Or to our social media rankings. Bank account balances.

All things that won’t matter a lick at the end of our lives.

What we will have until the end are the experiences that make us unique. The experiences that make up the very foundation of who we are.

Our jobs do not define us.

Our stuff does not define us.

But we cannot¬†choose whether our experiences define us ‚ÄĒ we¬†are the sum of our experiences!

Axeing You to Make Me an Axetronaut!

The header image for the AXE Apollo Space Academy contest.
Only 2 Canadians can make the cut. Will I be one of them?

With all that in mind, I want to find my way to outer space!

While I’m not a fan of popularity contests (I’ll take feats of skill or luck over “Who ha the most Internet friends” any day), some prizes are too cool to pass up so easily!

But why send¬†me to space? Why should I be one of the ones to represent Canada in one of the first commercial flights among the stars? Well…


Anyone who’s seen me in the midst of a new experience knows I’m like a kid at a candy store. My eyes light up, my energy levels spike, and I soak it all in. I’m not there to say I was there ‚ÄĒ I’m there to get everything I¬†can from the experience I’m in! This would be¬†no exception!


No holds barred, y’all. If I need to upchuck my lunch after a ride in a centrifuge, you’ll be there. If I have a really embarrassing crotch-to-face collision while in zero gravity, you’ll be there. When I write, I’m here to help you experience what I experience, both good and bad. And if you trust me to go to space? It’ll be¬†ridiculous.


I’m proud to stand by the re and white colours of our flag. I’d love to show what Canadians are¬†really made of and that even though we can be nice and polite to a fault, we’re also¬†tough contenders when it comes down to it! Space would be the¬†perfect arena to prove this!

How it All Works

The three stages for the AXE Apollo Space Academy contest
One year. One chance. Thousands of votes.

So we have¬†8 months to show that we can rally enough support to send us to Space Camp. You’ll see below that¬†you can only vote once, so the¬†real mission here will be to convince you guys to share my¬†¬†link with as many people as possible in that time! I’m somewhere around 200th now, but in that time,¬†trust me ‚ÄĒ we can do some¬†serious damage!!!

For a more detailed look at how the entire contest works:

Stage 1 ‚ÄĒ VOTING

  • Voting runs from January 9 – August 31, 2013
  • You can only vote once over the 8 months, meaning you want exposure to as many people as possible and not just harping on your friends to vote for you daily! (i.e. I’m going to badger you lot to share the heck out of the link instead!)
  • The Top 2 Canadians who advance to Stage 2 ¬†will¬†be announced¬†on¬†or¬†before¬†October¬†31,¬†2013


  • Stage 2 is held at the Axe Apollo¬†Global¬†Space¬†Camp in Orlando, FL in December 2013
  • Winners can¬†meet winners from promotions in other countries, and take part in authentic astronaut training missions (including: a flight in an L39 Albatross Mk11 jet, a session in a G-force centrifuge simulator and a flight on ¬†a zero gravity-inducing aircraft)


  • The winning Canadian Axetronaut will be selected by January 31, 2014 based on 3 criteria:
  • The prize: A flight¬†on¬†the¬†X-COR¬†Lynx sub¬≠‚Äźorbital space¬†vehicle,¬†now¬†under¬†development¬†by¬†X-¬≠COR¬†Technologies
  • Selected by January 31, 2014
  • Launch¬†site:¬†Currently¬†anticipated to¬†be¬†in¬†the¬†United¬†States,¬†or the¬†island of¬†Cura√ßao.
  • The¬†X‚ÄźCOR¬†Lynx¬†sub-¬≠orbital¬†space¬†vehicle: Currently¬†anticipated to¬†be ready¬†to¬†carry¬†private¬†passengers¬†on¬†commercial¬†space¬†flights¬†from¬†late¬†2014¬†onwards;¬†Space¬†Flight¬†is¬†planned to take¬†place¬†between¬†January 1,¬†2014 and¬†January 1,¬†2017, if it happens at¬†all. (If the flight cannot take place by January 1, 2017,¬†the¬†Space¬†Flight¬†prize¬†will¬†be¬†cancelled¬†and¬†Promoter¬†will¬†award¬†the winner a cash prize of about $85,000.

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Me. Space. Doing crazy stuff. Think about it!!!

Later gators,

–case p.

The 2K11 24/7 LXVII: Zach and the Doritos

I won’t even lie — I started today in a foul mood. Lots of things were bothering me, and I thought that the day was just going to go downhill from there. I spent the morning working on a ranty, angsty post, knowing that it wouldn’t do anyone any good by posting it.
Enter Zach Bussey.
I randomly complained about how I was feeling to him, for the sake of whining. And then, over the course of our conversation, he revealed a plan to me. And it was a good plan. AND you can help to make it HAPPEN! Let me provide some context for you.

The 2K11 24/7 XXXVIII: VOICE POST – The Road Ahead

In today's post we talk a little about what I still need to do to improve the blog and some of the things I hope to see happen in the rest of 2011 ūüôā

Also, if you're a reader from the Mississauga / Milton / Brampton / or even Oakville area, DO I EVER HAVE A CONTEST FOR YOU!!!
Keep it lively out there, mi amigos!
–case p.


You read it right, folks! It’s contest time, and KKvsDmz and Take It And Go are here to HOOK IT UP! The prizes up for grabs are $20 vouchers to the East Side Mario’s by Winston Churchill & Argentia in good ol’ Mississauga (where I was born and raised — Mississauga that is, not Meadowvale), so you can get your mangia on! I know we’ve got you salivating, but it’s a contest! And what do you have to do to enter?
Good question, my friends — the victors shall be decided through the means of a CAPTION CONTEST!
So to win, you need to comment on one (or all) of the three blogs/pages here with your FUNNIEST caption for the picture attached!
Let’s note that we’re taking one entry per person PER blog, so make sure to enter on all three to increase your chances!
Here’s the one for this site:
So if you wanna win, get to the bottom of this post and drop me a line with your funniest entry ūüôā Feel free to share this with your friends, because I can’t eat all this pasta by MYSELF!!!
And if you don’t happen to win, DO NOT DESPAIR!!! There’s still a deal going on until midnight February 14th at the same East Side Mario location, where you get $20 worth of good eats, for $9!!! (80% of the proceeds go to the Mississauga Football League — that’s pretty cool!)
And if you act now, you can use the promo code TIAGTEAM1 for another $2 OFF.
$7 for $20 worth of food? How can you go wrong? But obviously, FREE is BETTER! Doesn’t cost anything to enter, so HAVE AT IT! You have until 11:59 pm of Monday, February 14th to show me what you’ve got!
This contest has been brought to you by Take It And Go, who’re awesome and trying to make the world a little better by putting more money back in your pocket — but let’s talk some more about that later!
Looking forward to your entries,
–case p.

Still fighting the contest fight!

So we're wrapping up the year! 2010 has definitely been an active one, but I think mostly for the good. I'll be posting up the 2010 20K wrap-up blog tomorrow as well as announcing the new initiative.

But for the meantime, I hope you have a good time out there tonight – keep it safe and don't even think about drinking and driving!
And before you go, I've hit 21st place in the Wolfram|Alpha contest РI'd hit 20th, but slipped back down. Boo. 
Drop a vote before you head out – – I'll appreciate whatever I can get, and if you want to tell a friend or two, I promise¬†that I won't complain ūüôā
Thanks everyone, and let's start 2011 on a STRONG note!
–case p.