Why Father’s Day Isn’t Mother’s Day II β€” An Exercise in Fatherhood by Casey E. Palmer

“Happy Father’s Day to the single mothers out there doing both jobs.”


Why Father's Day Isn't Mother's Day II β€” An Exercise in Fatherhood by Casey E. Palmer β€” Reading to My Eldest

Oh, I get it. And I agree that we should celebrate single Moms for everything they do to raise their kidsβ€”it ain’t easy; I have a hard enough time withΒ two of us in the house. But let’s not diminish the efforts of the Dads who workΒ hardΒ to beΒ worthy of their children’s love by treating Father’s Day like Mother’s Day II.

Real talkβ€”we haven’t embraced the idea that we’ve got single Dads at home managing everything despite that it’s a growing demographic. I don’t see anyone wishing them a Happy Mother’s Day becauseΒ they’re doing both jobs. And it doesn’t even reflect the modern familyΒ anywayβ€”are you saying that same-sex couples need to decide what roles they’ll play? Why can’t you have two Moms or two Dads instead of trying to force them into a model that’s not as universal as it once was?

I’m down with celebrating single Moms and everything they do. But I’m going to do it on Mother’s Day. You know? The holiday we celebrated just over a month ago? The second-largest holiday for card giving in the entireΒ year? I mean, it’sΒ already hard enough for Dad to be taken seriously in a world convinced we’re all sub-parβ€”let’s not continue pushing that narrative just because it’s easier to believe that “all men ain’t shit”.