Now entering: VOID city.

Last updated on April 21st, 2021 at 10:44 am

Today’s been a pretty good day for me 😊

BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I need to get some bad drawing habits out of my system, and I need your help.

Below you’ll see my work for my entry for the young version of Kyle Kongo into Void, but I KNOW there’re areas where I could tighten things up.

I’ll post what I’ve noticed, but if there’s anything else, feel free to let me know 😊

Okay, in the sans-jacket frontal view, I’m actually pretty happy with it. I just need to:

  • thin the right arm
  • thicken the thighs

Now, for the sans-jacket rear-view, however:

  • arms seem stiff or positioned incorrectly
  • concerned about elbow positioning
  • don’t like the way the collar works itself around his neck and will re-do

For the with-jacket rear-view:

  • neck too long
  • gotta polish up those swords

For the undergarment rear-view:

  • elbows are messed. I could DEFINITELY use some advice on those
  • got to match up length and thickness of the arms

And I’m toying around with ideas in my head for the look of the Rumble Blade. The Electro Blade I’ve pretty much got covered.


–case p.

Before I go take a nap…

Last updated on April 21st, 2021 at 10:44 am

…a couple of line art pieces.

Clare’s past pressuring to get things done as per getting things put together for Void got me designing some things to finally enter a character there. I originally posted my plans to join the EnterVoid universe back in November, and it’s pretty much lingered since then. I have fun inking and getting all the little details in. After taking Clare’s suggestion to vary my line weights more, I’m happy with the results I’m getting. I still need to draw this from the side and back views and a shot with the jacket off. Maybe even one with the shirt off as well, because he wears an undershirt under that. Lotsa design going on.

My Doomz design confuses the hell outta me. Sometimes I’ll draw the poor guy with lips, and sometimes I’ll leave them off altogether. I guess it all really depends on what kind of mood I’m trying to portray at the time with the drawing. After drawing this (and messing up royally on the glasses), I decided that it’d be cool if my character pages on my site were in this form. Like selecting characters in an old arcade game. I’m feelin’ it. I might re-do the picture and keep the logo. We’ll see.

Right. I’m rambling. To bed I go.

Later y’all.

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

I can’t stop. I WON’T stop.

Last updated on April 21st, 2021 at 10:44 am

So if anyone had the pleasure of chatting with me last night, they’d know I was pretty agitated with the indecisiveness of a couple of clients last night. Or rather, not indecisiveness, but I guess it was a dual-situation—they already had a specific concept in mind that they were aiming for with their website and failed to inform me, while I’d already done work on the site and only got the input from one of the two clients instead of both. So our bad, I guess. But I’m chalking it up as experience, and now moving on. We’ve resolved things for the time being, and I just need to put in some work at getting the new specifications put together. So here’s a few things for ya, both related and unrelated:

The first one here ScorpionOcean’s seen already—he’ll be a villain (duh) when Fish & Chimps gets back up and running. (Whose freaking idea was it to draw a battle in a warehouse??? This crap is taking FOREVER to draw!) Simply being a shark-sea monkey hybrid didn’t seem to stand out to me, and she was mentioning that I should have a character with a scar on their face, so I found the kanji for “shark sea monkey”, and BLAM! There ya go! I’m gonna have fun with this guy just tearing shit up.

The logo in question from above. The story’s all attached in the image—I have to decide if I’m going to do a vector or hand-drawn vector emulation for the re-done version. I’ll probably play with it on paper, since I don’t want to use up too much more of my time, honestly.

This was to be an image in the centre of the main site, but I don’t even like it much, to be honest.

Anyway, yessah. That’s about it for now. Back to handlin’ thangs.


–case p.


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Thank goodness—I can get some shit DONE! Anyway, went out with two different lady friends today to two different coffee shops—came up with this in the process. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND. (Yes. A TAD hyper at the mo’.)

Yeah, with this, I was going through an old sketchbook from ’03 and saw a pic on a puzzle piece, so I figured why not go with it? And thus you have what you see here. I’m gonna love it when it’s done!

–case p.

POST #250.

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*Casey Palmer has just discovered that you can add multiple pics to a blog in one go*

Well THAT saved me a lot of time. DAMN. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before?!


250 posts!!!

Mm. That’s a whole lotta posts, people! So as I sit here sippin’ on some Sprite, chewin’ on some Pocky, and slicin’ out pages from some old VIBE magazines so I can later use them as reference for future pieces, let me take a break for a sec to get some more random sketches on the hard drive posted up for your potential enjoyment!

One thing I’ve always enjoyed doing for Fish N Chimps is sketching out potential storyboards for future storylines. I’ll show you a bit about how I go about it below.

(1) It doesn’t show in the strips I have up right now (which, granted, are years old by now), but as time has gone on, I’ve developed a more cinematic view for Fish N Chimps. I pretty much have the loose groundwork for the full story in my head and sketched out in various notes in my room—it just needs to be translated into comic form for everyone to enjoy. In this one below, it’s the intro scene for a couple of characters—Chisel & Trim. I won’t give too much away about them, though. Prior to this scene, I’ve used the common comic foreshadowing effect of having them drawn in black beforehand, and then not fully revealing them until this scene. They would both show up in the third panel behind Nick—it’s supposed to be a market square full of people to better camouflage them.

(2) I also do a lot of practice with dialogue. Half my life is spent telling jokes, anyway, so despite the fact that I’m now trying to tell a story with my work, I definitely want to keep interlacing a lot of humour into it. If I didn’t, it wouldn’t be reflective of my vision. My goal for Fish N Chimps is for it to be a culmination of all my different creative abilities, which I’ll keep trying to develop over time.

(3) But more often than not, it’ll just be a single dialogue-less scene I wish to capture. Something I don’t want to forget that’s integral to my storyline. Seeing them separately often doesn’t make much sense, but they’re lynch pins in the path of my story when I place them in the grand scheme of things.

(4) Same goes for here.

Anyway, yes—I have things to do, not so much places to be, but you never know with me.
Hope everyone’s having a day full of AWESOME.

Until next time!

–case p.

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