Now entering: VOID city.

Today’s been a pretty good day for me 😊 BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I need to get some bad drawing habits out of my system, and I need your help. Below you’ll see my work for my entry for the young version of Kyle Kongo into Void, but I KNOW there’re areas where I could… Continue reading Now entering: VOID city.

Before I go take a nap…

…a couple of line art pieces. Clare’s past pressuring to get things done as per getting things put together for Void got me designing some things to finally enter a character there. I originally posted my plans to join the EnterVoid universe back in November, and it’s pretty much lingered since then. I have fun… Continue reading Before I go take a nap…

I can’t stop. I WON’T stop.

So if anyone had the pleasure of chatting with me last night, they’d know I was pretty agitated with the indecisiveness of a couple of clients last night. Or rather, not indecisiveness, but I guess it was a dual-situation—they already had a specific concept in mind that they were aiming for with their website and… Continue reading I can’t stop. I WON’T stop.


Thank goodness—I can get some shit DONE! Anyway, went out with two different lady friends today to two different coffee shops—came up with this in the process. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND. (Yes. A TAD hyper at the mo’.) Yeah, with this, I was going through an old sketchbook from ’03 and saw a pic on… Continue reading READING WEEK!

POST #250.

*Casey Palmer has just discovered that you can add multiple pics to a blog in one go* Well THAT saved me a lot of time. DAMN. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before?! Anyway. 250 posts!!! Mm. That’s a whole lotta posts, people! So as I sit here sippin’ on some Sprite, chewin’ on… Continue reading POST #250.