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100 Happy Days — Can You Be Happy for 100 Days in a Row?

#100HappyDays — Day 30 — Mophie Warming Winter’s Revenge

If you’ve never been to Toronto, you’d never know how random our weather can get. We went from the budding of spring yesterday — with snow melting and neighbours in t-shirts — to a vengeful storm flattening the city under a foot of snow, winds whipping ’round to make us all miserable. […]

The 2K11 24/7 CXXXIII: The Art of Customer Service

Having come from a decade of jobs focused on customer service, let me tell you right here, RIGHT NOW — EVERY CUSTOMER IS IMPORTANT. Now, before we begin, here are some other things I should let you know: 1 — The customer is NOT always right. But when they’re […]

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