Mophie Warming Winter’s Revenge

If you’ve never been to Toronto, you’d never know how random our weather can get. We went from the budding of spring yesterday — with snow melting and neighbours in t-shirts—to a vengeful storm flattening the city under a foot of snow, winds whipping ’round to make us all miserable. Work was a ghost town—Mother Nature and March Break… Continue reading Mophie Warming Winter’s Revenge

The Art of Customer Service

Having come from a decade of jobs focused on customer service, let me tell you right here, RIGHT NOW—EVERY CUSTOMER IS IMPORTANT. Now, before we begin, here are some other things I should let you know: The customer is NOT always right. But when they’re not (and these moments are rare), it’s up to you… Continue reading The Art of Customer Service

The good, the bad, the ugly.

So a little annoyed with Apple today.   I asked for people to give me Apple store gift cards for Christmas and birthday gifts over the last couple of years—this was so it would make it easier for people so that they wouldn’t need to go online and get confused with getting a giftcard for… Continue reading The good, the bad, the ugly.

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