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The 2017 100 Wrap-Up — 31 Successes. (Featured Image)

The 2017 100 Wrap-Up — 31 Successes.

Several weeks, a few dozen photos and four thousand words later, we’ve finally made it—the Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad 2017 wrap-up, filled with stories aplenty of 365 days spent in my not-so-orthodox life. After wrapping the year up on a quiet note (because two sick children under five will do […]

The 2K11 24/7 XII: Design. It ain’t only for the Web!

Good evening, world! Hope you had an above-average day at the LEAST! Oh man, I can’t believe I didn’t post about this earlier! It pretty much stems DIRECTLY from something I’d been looking at doing for the 2010 20K, but never ended up making time for it – […]

The 2010 20K Day 35 – The Days Off, Day 1 of 4

Hey all, So I cashed in a couple of lieu days, and here I am – it’s been a day of relaxation, sketching and coin counting. Coin counting? Oh yes. You didn’t think that my local bank branch could have a coin counting machine and that I wouldn’t […]

The 2010 20K Day 34: Writing Better Blog Posts

Okay, I felt that yesterday's post was a little weak. A little rushed. A little lacking in substance. I apologize for that. Some days I get carried away with random thoughts and don't really take any time to insert any thought to structure, logical flow or really, anything […]

The 2010 20K: Day 32 – Numbering These Blogs Won’t Be So Easy Anymore!

It's another week, another month (not to mention that it's Black History Month!) – not too many earth-shattering changes as of yet. Still working on the blog (obviously), still carrying too much wherever I go. This week, however, might see a bit more of an opportunity to lighten […]

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