The Trouble with Tokenism

Tokenism. One of those things the Black community doesn’t talk about nearly enough, tokenism is what happens when someone’s in a group where everyone else is completely unlike them. Much of my life had me as the token Black guy, navigating spaces unfamiliar to me again and again as I defined my identity. Black Canadians make… Continue reading The Trouble with Tokenism

Canada’s Dance with Diversity

Source | Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

“Why’s your skin so dark?” — an eight-year-old boy from small town Ontario at the Canadian National Comic Book Exposition, 2003. When a little White boy asked me why my skin was so dark at my comic-con table, I wasn’t ready for it at all. As a Mississauga kid, I knew diversity. I knew a… Continue reading Canada’s Dance with Diversity