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“It’s Hard Out Here for a Dad” is my call-out to a world that doesn’t fully understand its fathers. We’re foolish, we’re simple, we’re less than competent—this is a first chance in setting the record straight and giving Dads the chance they deserve. Check it out!

“Just because he got her pregnant doesn’t mean he needs to be a Dad.”

“How do you know she wasn’t trying to trap him into a relationship? These women will go to extremes to lock a brother down!”

“Why does he have to change his life because something unexpected happened?”

The allegation that Drake may have fathered a son has brought out an ugly side in people I thought I knew. Men who want to shirk the responsibility of fatherhood when it stares them in the face, preferring to live in pursuit of fun instead of going for something perhaps more meaningful. Guys who see women as objects and children as burdens—who’ve yet to mature enough to understand the value of family and the joys it can bring you.

These worrisome thoughts took me back to my second keynote at Parenting 101—”It’s Hard Out Here for a Dad”, my talk on what it’s like to be a Dad, and why we all need to get a better understanding of it!

I hope you enjoy it!

Another week in the bag, and until next week, I remain,

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The Month That Was… November 22nd – December 26th, 2015.

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It’s been the hottest minute since I put out a Week That Was, so much so that I needed to roll ’em up into a month’s worth of material to catch up on the stories! A bit of a fail, I admit, but when you’re simultaneously preparing for Christmas, scribing a lively giveaway series, and trying to keep the rest of your life in order, things are gonna fall between the cracks. But with Christmas over and done with and the new year just around the corner, I’m jonesing to start 2016 with a clean slate, taking everything I learned this year to push the blog in exciting directions!

But enough jabbering about the future when you’re here for the past—let’s take a look at my last five weeks and all the antics that took up my time!

Any blogger who writes a post like this asking “Where do I start?” obviously doesn’t store enough of their moments on Google Photos. Scrolling through a quick search of 11/21/2015-12/26/2015 gave me everything I needed, and jeez was it a lot!

Though I don’t quite know how I made it this far through 2015 with my sanity intact, November was closing itself off solidly with events like Read for the Cure courtesy of TELUS (where we sat in the closest possible seats to the authors thanks to their status as Platinum Plus Sponsors and Ian Brown gleefully called my wife a “little shit”*), and emceeing DECA’s Festival of Lights, an annual event in my ‘hood to help ring in the holiday season by lighting the trees on the edge of East Lynn Park. I made a new friend—a potential Dad blogger who was visiting town, and reassured me there’re others out there looking to parent how I parent through an enlightening conversation! I won a FitBit Flex and promptly gave it to a coworker, knowing I couldn’t make as solid use of it as some of my gym-going colleagues could; I succumbed to the hype and tried Hot Star Large Fried Chicken to discover it was little more than that—a bit of pounded white meat covered with tons of breading and even more hoopla; and we continued tradition, getting Little Man a snowboarding Elmo to hang on the tree amongst the various Christmas accessories we’d ordered in to jazz up Casa de Palmer!

November was busy, without a doubt, but there’s no way I was ready for what’d come next.

Daily Thoughts #3—Stir Crazy


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This Is It. Right Here. Right Now.

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What keeps you up at night? Worries? Feelings of inadequacy?

I was going to hit the sack a half hour before I started writing this when I decided to check whether Drake’s family had responded to his cut “Too Much” from Nothing Was the Same*. Within minutes, I came across a CRWN interview between Drake and Elliot Wilson on where he’s at, what we can take away from “Too Much”, but what’s maybe most important, how to look at our lives right now.

*Go listen immediately if you haven’t already!

The Golden Age of Blogging is Dead and Gone

I’ve been working on blog posts, calculations and tools for ages to show it, but maybe it’s better to just come out and say it—the golden age of blogging is dead. Dead. It was this innovative new thing back when we didn’t have Internet behemoths like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter—but it’s not 2003 anymore. The Internet has changed — drastically—and its consumers crave something more. Something that resonates with them now instead of bloggers playing by rules made by the people who’ve already come and got their money. The bloggers who’ve already moved on to columnist positions, public speaking and TV gigs. The ones who knew that blogging alone wasn’t sustainable and reached for greater heights to avoid getting lumped in with everyone else.

It’s time to think up a new way to play the game.

The Game Has Changed

But that doesn’t mean that people don’t still want to hear stories—people still love stories… but little novellas like the ones I write might not get that message across anymore.

The Internet’s rife with possibility. We have HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and all sorts of other toys to play with to really test the medium—we just need to sit down, rethink how we get that story across, and push the hell out of that envelope**.

**Not that kids will know what an envelope is in another decade or two.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that if you’re trying to reach the top of the game as we know it, have fun—it only has so much longer to go.

New games. New rules. New tools.

It’s time to build a better blogosphere.

Let’s do this.

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