We Don’t Die, We Multiply.

I struggle. 2015’s been a mighty impressive year for the #BloggerLife so far, with opportunities and accomplishments I’d never have dreamt of. Some of the more notable successes include: Butterball Canada choosing me as their first-ever male ambassador, looking to enter the summer with plenty of content about grilling, get-togethers and fun in the sun… Continue reading We Don’t Die, We Multiply.

Dreams Can Only Take You So Far

Life is a lot like the old folk tale of the Little Red Hen. To paraphrase for those unfamiliar with the tale, the plot follows a hen who finds a grain of wheat and (SPOILERS!) over time cultivates it into a loaf of bread through harvesting the grain, threshing it, milling it into flour and… Continue reading Dreams Can Only Take You So Far


So I just saw The Social Network. Holy crap. What a great movie. It stirred… something in me. I don’t quite know what it is, but I like it. As soon as I got back home, I started working on some things. The mockups I’ve had sitting all over the place. The random ideas strewn… Continue reading BIG DREAMS.

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