Dyson Pure Cool Link

Last Updated: November 10, 2020

I’m reminded all too often that homeownership is usually a pain in the rear. It’s exactly why condos prove such an appealing option for the modern homeowner—with the numerous things we use to fill our days, we don’t have the time that our predecessors had to mow lawns, mend fences, and weed gardens. There’s a lot involved in home upkeep, and none can pull it off without a lot of extra help!

But as the list of household tasks grows in size, you often discover things to do that you never even considered—in our years here, we’ve had to replace pipes, install latches, upgrade locks, and more. We’ve needed to prune fallen branches and re-pave our driveway… you never know what problems you’ll have to solve until they make themselves known, and easy as it is to find Band-Aid fixes so you can move on with your days, it’s far better to do things right the first time so it’s unlikely you’ll have to deal with the same problem twice.

This in mind, the powers-that-be sent me a number of tools to help my family get the most from the house we call home, and in this series, I hope to show you what even small changes can do to improve your quality of life!

And the first item on the list? The Dyson Pure Cool Link cooling and air purification system from the geniuses at Dyson!

The Dyson Pure Cool Link — Getting Started