Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Review

You’ll never know how messy your home can get until you have little creatures making themselves comfy in every nook and cranny. Some people have pets. Some, small children. But whichever you have, the same thing’s invariably true—thy create a mess wherever they go. Crumbs. Toys. Spills. Stains. It’s a daily ritual to get on my hands and… Continue reading Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Review

Dyson v7 Car+Boat Review

You can’t be a Dad Blogger and forget the Dad part! I mean, sure, I love my #BloggerLife—it’s let me see many places and try all sorts of interesting things! But lots of that hustle keeps me away from home—events, dinners, staying on top of things at the 9-5… I’m all about keeping our house happy and… Continue reading Dyson v7 Car+Boat Review

Best Buy | How to Get the Best Gifts This Christmas

I’m apparently impossible to shop for. In the nine years we’ve been together, Sarah’s seen firsthand how I operate. When I need something, I usually get it myself. My purchases usually involve a ton of research and consideration before committing, but when I’m ready, I’m not one to wait for permission to add a new… Continue reading Best Buy | How to Get the Best Gifts This Christmas

Dyson Pure Cool Link

Last Updated: November 10, 2020 I’m reminded all too often that homeownership is usually a pain in the rear. It’s exactly why condos prove such an appealing option for the modern homeowner—with the numerous things we use to fill our days, we don’t have the time that our predecessors had to mow lawns, mend fences, and… Continue reading Dyson Pure Cool Link

Dear February: Goodbye and Good RIDDANCE.

Photo Courtesy of Stills Motion Photography

Dear February, You were a real pain in the rear, you know that? With temperatures plunging into the negative 30s, the blogosphere in a quiet lull as the influencers hibernate, and motivation at a standstill as the deadly winter saps the life from everyone it touches, you’re only four weeks long, but easily one of… Continue reading Dear February: Goodbye and Good RIDDANCE.

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