Audiophilia, Authorship and Altitudinal Consumption

Lavender honey crême Anglaise, whipped crême fraîche

For those keeping track at home, I’m at about a 25% success rate with The 2013 100 so far (not so bad considering that I found 35% of the list as a waste of my time—really shows you how much someone can change in a year!) As we enter the Christmas season, it’s all about… Continue reading Audiophilia, Authorship and Altitudinal Consumption

eRead or Not eRead?

Andrea MacFarlane’s fourth installment in a series of five, focusing on an area she knows better than most—books. You can check the full series out here: 1: Love vs. Obsession 2: Keeping Your Job Close and Your Happiness Closer 3: Caffeine’s a helluva drug!!! 4: eRead or Not eRead? 5: The Inner Child and the Outer… Continue reading eRead or Not eRead?

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