10 Random Things, Volume 1

Unlike the 10 Things You May Not Know About Me, this is just stuff that’s been on my mind as of late:

  1. Who do I have to sleep with to get a good deal on a camera lens? I’m not paying $2500 for a Canon EF 2.8L II USM. Guess I’ll need to wait until Henry’s next Exposure Show and see what deals they have (or check out used lens deals across the city).
  2. Paying $600 return to Las Vegas for BiSC is something that drives me insane when I paid $750 return to fly to Tanzania just last year. Currently exploring standby options and waiting on my haunches for something better to come along! Fortunately, Graham has some good suggestions for this.
  3. If I could find the time to learn how to play the drums, I totally would.
  4. Infinite Cables — a Canadian equivalent to Monoprice — may very well be my new favourite thing.
  5. To switch things up, I joined The Scintilla Project — a two-week blogging project focusing on storytelling. Hopefully it’ll have me explore some parts of myself that I haven’t visited in a while. [pause]
  6. I don’t know whether anyone’s noticed, but I’ve taken a short break from putting Man Lessons out — I’ve been working at taking all my Mansformation ideas and committing to getting an actual website launched by mid-April.
  7. Just bought tickets for a National Geographic show at Roy Thomson Hall; learning from other photographers — especially the extreme ones — can really add to how you pursue your own compositions.
  8. I think we decided that we might finally trek out to San Francisco sometime this year — it’s been on my list since forever, and it didn’t take our friends very much to convince us to go.
  9. Some days I write and wonder if the Age of the Blog is gone and dead. I see things like RebelMouse and wonder whether our attention spans have grown so short that we rather just consume bite-sized pieces of information and not focus on an entire argument or discussion.
  10. I’m weird and old school. If I want to do my best writing and editing, I need to do it on paper. I am the worst enemy of forests everywhere.

–case p.

10 Things You May Not Know About Me, Volume 1

He might not look it, but this boy has 2,500+ hours of community service under his belt!

One of the items in The 2013 100 is to attend Bloggers in Sin City, an unconference in Las Vegas for bloggers to meet and get to know one another, ultimately forming more meaningful bonds in the blogosphere.

After grabbing my ticket, Bob made it easy to find everyone’s blogs, and after getting them all in Google Reader, I realized that everyone has really different styles when it comes to blogging.

One great realization that’ll stick with me?

Blogs don’t need to be long, sweeping stories — they only need to be INTERESTING!

So, taking a cue from lolasangria, I present the first volume of 10 Things You May Not Know About Me.

  1. I went to prom. Thrice. (I would’ve gone four times had I not busted my parents’ automatic garage door with an ill-conceived ploy to stop it with my leg… but that’s another story.
  2. I’m a little convinced that gestation has a part in melanin count. If you look at my family, both my brothers are lighter than my parents and came out 2 weeks early, while I’m darker than my parents and came out 2 weeks late. I’m just saying.
  3. For whatever reason, I don’t worry or fear much. I just get things done.
  4. By the time I was 17, I’d done 2,500+ hours of volunteer work for various organizations in Mississauga.
  5. I lost the same wallet 8 times before I decided to call it quits with wallets.
  6. From kindergarten through my last year of high school, I went to 7 different schools — and no, not for fighting, and not because my family moved… we only lived at two places during all that time.
  7. I used to be insanely oblivious to women. I was convinced that I couldn’t find anyone, but really, I was just blind to any women who were trying to get my attention.
  8. Miracle Whip sandwiches were my favourite snack as a kid. Ingredients: 2 slices white bread, Miracle Whip. Serves one.
  9. I remember winning my first raffle at the age of 6 for a copy of Home Alone.
  10. If I could make it work, I’d spend my days creating stuff. Comics, infographics, music… it’d be amazing.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

–case p.