Your Life is YOUR LIFE. Live the Best One You Can!

Last updated on February 10th, 2021 at 01:26 am

“I think I’ve done pretty well for myself.”
“You could’ve done even better.”

— my conversation with a family member who shall remain unnamed

I’ve had to change a lot to hit a point where I could tell my stories and be proud of them.

The benefit of sharing stories online as long as I have is looking back and seeing just how far you’ve travelled down your path, learning from your experiences and seeing how they’ve shaped the life you have today… hopefully learning from them and inching closer to the goals you really want to hit in your life.

A decade ago, I was a hollow shell of a man. I’d recently parted ways with someone who’d been the centre of my world for several years; my grades had seen better days, the program I studied more of a pain in my rear than anything I wanted to turn into a career; and I careened through life, trusting my friends and family to fill my schedule with interesting things to do, rarely choosing things of my volition and depending a little heavily on everyone around me.

It was a far cry from the kid I’d been in high school: confident, accomplished—and perhaps a little too cocky—but much had changed since those days, challenging the way I saw the world and the things I expected from it.

But it’s probably because I spent too long letting others tell me how to live and not spending the time to figure it out for myself.