Star Wars | I Am Your Father’s Day

“Your father? I am your father.”

Darth Vader’s classic line from The Empire Strikes Back has been quoted, misquoted, and referenced every which way since its first utterance in 1980.

But you’ve never seen a take on it quite like thisβ€”taking a fatherhood reveal that makes Maury Povich’s look like Page 6 news and turning it into something more… symbolic.

Star Wars Celebrates Dads with an I Am Your Father's Day Greeting β€” Chasing in the Woods

Any Dad who was still young enough to know how to have fun in the ’70s and ’80s grew up knowing how awesome Star Wars is. We used broomsticks as toy lightsabers. We treated the Force as a power we expected to wield in playβ€”not something of imagination alone. And now that we’re Dads ourselves, it’s our turn to pass something down to our kids from our childhoods… and that’s why the folks at Disney and Star Wars want to wish you a Happy “I Am Your Father”‘s Day!

TRY YOUR LUCK: Happy Father’s Day from Tile β€” May You Never Lose Your Possessions Again!

Our Tile family’s grownΒ significantly since last we crossed paths, tracking far more than just ourΒ car keys now! With a new Tile Mate four-pack keeping track of our house keys, additional car key, and Sarah’s purse (well, the one that mattersΒ most, anyway), it makes getting out the front door a lotΒ easier, than it’s been in all the years we’ve been together.

Happy Father's Day from Tile β€” May You Never Lose Your Possessions Again! β€” Tile Mate Box

When I recently asked what DadsΒ really want for Father’s Day, “time” was the #1 answer! It’s such a sparse commodity for far too many of us, and if a tool can help you get some of it back by taking the guesswork out of knowing where your stuff is, whyΒ wouldn’t you use it?

For those not in the loop, Tile’s a powerful way to track your prized possessions!

Dove Men+Care | “There to Care”

Last Updated: November 11, 2020

Family’s a funny thing. We don’t choose the families we’re born into, yet in many cases, we learn to love them for the people they are and forge our bonds over time. And then you have the families we createΒ ourselves, learning to love them in an entirelyΒ new way as we grow old with significant others and raise children to become the adults we dream they can become.

But what about everyone else? What about the people who enter our lives, making us better than we were before we met them, regardless of how closely blood relates us? It could be anyoneβ€”grandfathers, uncles, teachers or coachesβ€”this Father’s Day, Dove Men+Care want to celebrate theΒ other men who play pivotal roles in our lives, their deeds too often unsung. And with that in mind, let me introduce you to a man named Paul.

There to Care β€” A Spotlight on Father Figures by Dove Men+Care β€” Paul Burns

Paul’s my boss. My boss for the third time now. He stepped into my life back in 2009, doing me a solid when things could’ve gone aΒ very different way.

Casey Palmer and The Globe and Mail do Father’s Day!

It’s been a busy summer, y’all.

After time spent everywhere from the Toronto Islands and Lake Simcoe all the way to Mexico, the juggling act between the #BloggerLife, the family, and a pile of paperwork that’s multiplying faster than a herd of rabbits has been anΒ intense one.

So much so that I’ve been negligent in doing all I can to share news about the brand with the audience I’ve worked so hard to build!

For Father’s Day, our national paperΒ The Globe and Mail got in touch to ask me some questions on fatherhood as a Canadian who writes about what it’s like asΒ a Dad today. In the answers below, you’ll see I took the taskΒ very seriously, as the way I’m raising my boys isΒ super-intentional, and I want them wanting for nothing in their livesβ€”whether physically, mentally or emotionallyβ€”by the time they’reΒ my age.

I enjoyed writing the responses below, and I hope you find a little of yourself in them, too!

Casey Palmer β€”Β Toronto-based blogger at

Casey Palmer and The Globe and Mail do Father's Day! β€” Casey Palmer and His Boys

Join Me at the Pampers #ThanksBaby Twitter Party for Father’s Day!

With Father’s Day on the approach, I’ve found myself thinking about fatherhood and everything I’ve learned about this lifestyle so far. It’s far different now than it’s ever been beforeβ€”when writing this post, I’d been thinking on what it must’ve been like to raise kids inΒ 1916, and the colour of my skin notwithstanding, I’m pretty sure I much rather be the ΓΌber-involved Dad expected of me today than the unemotional and detached fathers who were the norm of generations past.

It’s still something the world needs to get used toβ€”the modern Dad’s been given the opportunity to rewrite the rule book and give everyone entirely new insights into what fathers canΒ be. Now that we’re doing things like sharing parental leaves with our maternal counterparts and forming our own groups to discuss fatherhood and the emotional perils that come with it, it’s a new day as we strive to raise kids who’ll redefine parenthood forΒ their generation.

Join Me at the Pampers ThanksBaby Twitter Party for Father's Day! β€” Twitter Party AdBut you don’t have to takeΒ my word for itβ€”this Wednesday, June 15th, you can join me and a number of Dads across North America for Pampers’ #ThanksBaby Twitter Party for Father’s Day, where we can reflect on the laughs, challenges and incredible feelings that come with being a Dad! (And heyβ€”with plenty of prizes available, including a $250 Visa gift card as the top takeaway, why would you want to miss it???)

The Pampers #ThanksBaby Twitter Party β€” Let’s Change the Conversation One Tweet at a Time!

Changing how the world sees Dads won’t happen overnight. The stories we know best all started as mere ideas and took root as people kept talking about them. You may see a Twitter Party with prizesβ€”I see the opportunity to start shifting our expectations for the men we call Dads, and give them notΒ only an equal share of theΒ work needed to raise the kids of this worldβ€”but the awareness that theyΒ too play instrumental roles in developing the generation that’ll rock tomorrow.

I hope to see you thereβ€”I promise I’ll behave.

A little.

Until the next,

–case p.

Disclaimer: I’m helping moderate this Twitter Party as a member of the Pampers Baby Panel, sharing news and information that’s been covering behinds (ha, ha) for over 50 years! You can hit Pampers up at their site for more information, such as their Rewards Program, and on social media over at Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.