Casey Palmer and The Globe and Mail do Father’s Day!

It’s been a busy summer, y’all.

After time spent everywhere from the Toronto Islands and Lake Simcoe all the way to Mexico, the juggling act between the #BloggerLife, the family, and a pile of paperwork that’s multiplying faster than a herd of rabbits has been anΒ intense one.

So much so that I’ve been negligent in doing all I can to share news about the brand with the audience I’ve worked so hard to build!

For Father’s Day, our national paperΒ The Globe and Mail got in touch to ask me some questions on fatherhood as a Canadian who writes about what it’s like asΒ a Dad today. In the answers below, you’ll see I took the taskΒ very seriously, as the way I’m raising my boys isΒ super-intentional, and I want them wanting for nothing in their livesβ€”whether physically, mentally or emotionallyβ€”by the time they’reΒ my age.

I enjoyed writing the responses below, and I hope you find a little of yourself in them, too!

Casey Palmer β€”Β Toronto-based blogger at

Casey Palmer and The Globe and Mail do Father's Day! β€” Casey Palmer and His Boys

Join Me at the Pampers #ThanksBaby Twitter Party for Father’s Day!

With Father’s Day on the approach, I’ve found myself thinking about fatherhood and everything I’ve learned about this lifestyle so far. It’s far different now than it’s ever been beforeβ€”when writing this post, I’d been thinking on what it must’ve been like to raise kids inΒ 1916, and the colour of my skin notwithstanding, I’m pretty sure I much rather be the ΓΌber-involved Dad expected of me today than the unemotional and detached fathers who were the norm of generations past.

It’s still something the world needs to get used toβ€”the modern Dad’s been given the opportunity to rewrite the rule book and give everyone entirely new insights into what fathers canΒ be. Now that we’re doing things like sharing parental leaves with our maternal counterparts and forming our own groups to discuss fatherhood and the emotional perils that come with it, it’s a new day as we strive to raise kids who’ll redefine parenthood forΒ their generation.

Join Me at the Pampers ThanksBaby Twitter Party for Father's Day! β€” Twitter Party AdBut you don’t have to takeΒ my word for itβ€”this Wednesday, June 15th, you can join me and a number of Dads across North America for Pampers’ #ThanksBaby Twitter Party for Father’s Day, where we can reflect on the laughs, challenges and incredible feelings that come with being a Dad! (And heyβ€”with plenty of prizes available, including a $250 Visa gift card as the top takeaway, why would you want to miss it???)

The Pampers #ThanksBaby Twitter Party β€” Let’s Change the Conversation One Tweet at a Time!

Changing how the world sees Dads won’t happen overnight. The stories we know best all started as mere ideas and took root as people kept talking about them. You may see a Twitter Party with prizesβ€”I see the opportunity to start shifting our expectations for the men we call Dads, and give them notΒ only an equal share of theΒ work needed to raise the kids of this worldβ€”but the awareness that theyΒ too play instrumental roles in developing the generation that’ll rock tomorrow.

I hope to see you thereβ€”I promise I’ll behave.

A little.

Until the next,

–case p.

Disclaimer: I’m helping moderate this Twitter Party as a member of the Pampers Baby Panel, sharing news and information that’s been covering behinds (ha, ha) for over 50 years! You can hit Pampers up at their site for more information, such as their Rewards Program, and on social media over at Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Mark’s | Happy Father’s Day

Growing up, my parents always stressed how important it was toΒ have the right footwear forΒ the occasion,Β so over the years I’ve learned to invest in kicks that help me be my best no matterΒ what life’s throwing at me.

I’d like to think I fare better at my shoe game than most dudesβ€”among my collection of kicks are someΒ black leathers for various formal occasions; some brown leathers when I feel like switching it up; a pair of casuals when I’m out on weekend jaunts with the fam… no matter what the situation, there’s probably a pair in my house to do the trick.

Or so IΒ thought, that is, before I became aΒ Dad.

Happy Father's Day from Mark's β€” or β€” Papa Got Some Brand New Shoes β€” Little Man Playing with a Wheelbarrow

There’s plenty you don’t really think about before you have kidsβ€”the little things we take for granted, because frankly, as adults we justΒ know better. Like how one might find playing around in puddles an unwise idea, since water wouldΒ wreck most shoes. Or that we adults often stick to marked paths wherever we go, because the roads less travelled often have many a thing we rather not find on the bottom of our shoes.

After enough adventuring around with my mobile Mini-Me, I’ve been lucky enough to dodgeΒ permanent damage to whatever I manage to grab every time we dash outside, but it was becoming clear I was inΒ dire need of shoes that could keep up notΒ just with whatever life threw at me, but with whatever my 2Β½-year old would manage to get himselfΒ into.

Happy Father's Day from Mark's β€” or β€” Papa Got Some Brand New Shoes β€” Helly Hansen Pace Trail Waterproof Shoes β€” In the Box

As if answering my unspoken pleas, Mark’s reconnected with me, helping me pick out some shoes that’d keep me one step ahead of every toddler terror I’d come across!

Which is how I found a pair of size 10Β½ Helly Hansen Pace Trail Waterproof Shoes on my feet, with features that make themΒ ideal for playing with my kids in allΒ sorts of weather! Anatomically designed uppers to fit the foot’s natural shape. Durable Helly Gripβ„’ outsoles providingΒ solid traction on wet rocks and trails. C-Zoneβ„’ technology absorbing shocks on impact. They may look like your ordinary everyday runners, but I assure youβ€”they’ve got what it takes to make running after kids a heckuva lot moreΒ comfortable.

Happy Father’s Day from Mark’s β€” Keeping You Outfitted for the Adventures with Your Kids… One Step at a Time.

But my story is just one Dad’s story. Mark’s wants us to remember our Dads this Father’s Day for everything they’ve done in our lives, and chasing after children to keep them out of trouble is but theΒ tip of the iceberg with fatherhood.

My own experiences with my kids have given me new perspective on everythingΒ my father did for my brothers and I, and his tireless efforts over the decades to keep us on the right track may haveΒ seemed harsh at times, but I now understand that life could’ve turned outΒ far differently without strong parents in our corners to guide us along the way.

In their Father’s Day video, Mark’s shows the broad spectrum of emotion that Dads bring forth from their children, and that those of us fortunate enough to still have them around should take advantage of that while we canβ€”you never know which day will be the last until it’s behind you… but why wait until it’s too late?

In any case, a very happy Father’s Day from myself and Mark’sβ€”whether you’re receiving or giving the well wishes thisΒ June 19th, I hope you make someΒ excellent memories!

Be well and until the next, I remain,

–case p.

DISCLAIMER: Mark’s was generous enough to compensate me for this post, and now I can chase after my boisterous toddler without worrying about uncomfortably damp socks afterward! You can check them out online, and through their social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram!

Pampers #ThanksBaby | Highlighting the Finer Side of Fatherhood

In my world, June’s all about the Dads. Unlike Canadian Moms, unfortunate enough to celebrate Mother’s Day under the shadow of May 24’s looming promise (aka the first Canadian long weekend that isn’t cold, wet, or having anythingΒ else fall from the sky), June’s sorely lacking in anything distracting us from celebrating our fathers. And that’s a good thing too, because the very notion of fatherhood is changing β€” or should I sayΒ evolving β€” as we continue our way through the 21st century.

And it’s high time we recognize that!

Canadian Dad Bloggers | Where Are the Dad Bloggers in Canada?

Last Updated: November 5, 2020

In the vicious wild of the blogosphere in a creature mighty impressive, but rarely seen. He’s ferociously protective of his young, carving out territory to tell their tales without overexposing them to the dangers of the world. He creates for his peers that may never see his craft, more likely to follow sports teams and tech trends than they are tales of families and minivans. The Dad Blogger is very real, very vocal, and though small in number, are a group of bloggers you’d better keep eyes on for the future!

The Rare Beast of the Blogosphere: The Dad Blogger

The Mom Bloggers are a reckoning force, hundreds if not thousands in number here in Canada alone, having built solid distribution channels through sites like Parent Tested Parent Approved, Mom Central Canada and the Yummy Mummy Club. Many other breeds of blogger love to hate on them, seeing their success with Brand Ambassadorships, Twitter parties and vast social media metrics, wondering why they can’t have a piece of what the Mom Bloggers have cultivated for themselves. And not only have Moms collectively formed a blogging ecosystem unto their own, the mother as the classic parental figure also lends itself well to the medium. They have so many opportunities to share on similar experiences, whether they’re birth stories, breastfeeding or the barrage of emotions that come when children hit their milestones like their first steps or that fateful morning where you first drop them off at daycare.

But Moms aren’t the only parents β€” Dad Bloggers do exist, even if there’re only a handful of them.

What Does a Dad Blogger Even Look Like?

Daddy and Son at Play

Most male bloggers I’ve met aren’t fathers and the ones who are don’t often don’t blog about their fatherhood experiences. The guys I know blog food, they blog tech, they blog on all these things that society deems “masculine”, but the joys, trials and lessons that come from fatherhood aren’t a topic often discussed around the digital water cooler.

So far, I’ve tracked down just over 30 Canadian Dad Bloggers (aka “Daddy Bloggers”, or my personal favourite, “Father Bloggers”). 30. Thirty’s a mid-scale blogger event in Toronto. It’s an average attendee number at a popular Twitter chat. Thirty’s a group, but it’s shockingly small for the size of a niche that spans a nation!

A quick look at the 2011 Canadian census would have us expect 2,054,645 fathers across Canada, yet 99.99853989% of them are oddly silent with their stories.

Where are the fathers? If they’re not sharing their stories online, where are they sharing them?