Mark’s Spring Shoe Collection!

Call me selfish, but I’ve never understood why parents felt they need to give upΒ everything for the sake of their kids. Just about everything in your life changes, no doubt, but I think it’s important to retain at leastΒ some of who you were before. You don’t want to end up like the horror story I hear a little too oftenβ€”the empty-nester a couple of decades down the road, unsure what to do in a life without kids to look after.

You’ve gottaΒ keep doing youβ€”and for me, this means keeping my fashion game onΒ point.

Kick Footwear Fails to the Curb with Mark's Spring Shoe Collection! β€” Casey and his Elder Son in Mexico
Photo Courtesy of agencia fvs

Let’s be realβ€”the bar for Dad fashion isΒ ridiculously low. I used to think it was bad as aΒ man, but seeing my parental ilk clad in ill-fitting T-shirts and shoes that’d mostΒ definitely seen better days, I didn’t want to send those years spent curating a wardrobe for myself spiralling down the drain. Sure, I no longer had time to iron every morning or ensure I saw my face in my shoes, but what IΒ can do is continue coming equipped forΒ whatever life throws at me.

Which isΒ exactly what I’m doing with Mark’s Spring footwear collection!

Mark’s Christmas Gift Guide

I feel like people have Mark’s all wrong. For a long time, people thought Mark’s carried “Dad clothes” like it was a bad thing. But in 2016 as a Dad with kids of my own, I can tell you Mark’s has a lot more up their sleeves than you think!

Winter’s a bit different for the Dad of a toddler, knowing that he could lead you virtually anywhere. Anywhere. Thigh-deep in snow, traipsing through mud… everything’s an adventure when you’re three, and parents have no choice but to tag along for the rideβ€”wherever it goes.

Which is why you need to dress for the occasion!

Some Samples from Mark’s 2016 Christmas Gift Guide!

Make Your Mark on Fashion this Winter β€” The Mark's Christmas 2016 Gift Guide β€” Sorel Men's Glacier XT Winter BootFootwear

Along with a new winter coat and making sure to layer up, I made sure to suit up for whatever winter might throw at me with a pair of Sorel Men’s Glacier XT Winter Boots ($179.99!) Built to handle even the most treacherous Canadian winters, it rocks features like:

  • protection against the elements to the tune of a bone-chilling -73.3ΒΊC
  • water- and wind-resistant coated uppers and waterproof rubber shells
  • 13mm-thick inner lines with an Omni-Heatβ„’ reflective lining to keep your tootsies toasty


And if you haven’t yet prepared for the big chill (#ShameOnYou), there’s plenty available at Mark’s to keep your warm, like the DH3 HYPER-DRI HD1 Water-Repellent Double Breasted Coat with Fooler ($229.99) paired with a WindRiver Reversible Plaid Beanie ($19.99) and a pair of WindRiver Deerskin TMAX Gloves ($44.99.)