GIVEAWAY POST: Casey Palmer x TELUS Present β€” Life in the Six with the Galaxy S6!

We’re really good at making life unnecessarily complicated.

Once upon a time, I’d carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. Not evenΒ metaphorically, though β€” if you want to know how notorious I’ve been for carrying everything but the kitchen sink on my back, here’s a diagram!

Inateck MP1503 Case for 15" MacBook Pro β€” Protect Ya Tech with Inateck β€” What's in my bag?!
I call this “What’s in my bag?” or “Please don’t rob me.”

I never made things easy on myself β€” need to take some sweet baby photos? Bust out the SLR, charge the flash, adjust the diffuser and capture thatΒ perfectΒ moment. Despite the world obviously moving toward single devices that do all the things, for some reason I felt it necessary to carry a phone, a tablet, my laptop and my drawing tablet with me wherever I went… but for what? In case I needed to hack a mainframe with a friend on the phone while reading an ebook for instructions, drawing schematics and playing a ridiculouslyΒ amazing soundtrack? Seriously?

The more I clung to my old and outdated ways, the more I realized all my time was going into things that I could do wayΒ faster with a device that’d just handle everything forΒ me. As a father, husband, blogger, and a veryΒ busy Team Lead in my 9-5 life, I β€” quite literally β€” need every second I can get… Β and the Samsung Galaxy S6 was the perfect device for making my life easier!

Casey Palmer x TELUS Mobility Present β€” 5 Things You NEED to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S6

Partnering with TELUS is easily one of the best things to happen to me so far in 2015.

And to think β€” it all happened by chance.

Since our not quiteΒ humble beginnings cheering Canada on in the IIHF World Junior Championship, that relationship’s only deepened as we explored the quid pro quo needed to make sure everyone would wind up satisfied.

Even so, I was β€” and still amΒ β€” blown away that this brought the opportunity to become one of but a handfulΒ of bloggers helping TELUS launch the Samsung Galaxy S6 nationwide, because my people, I kid you not… this phone is a game-changerΒ for me!

March Madness

“You can’t knock the hustle.”
— Jay-Z, “Can’t Knock the Hustle”Β Reasonable Doubt (1996)

It’s been a long time, I know.Β Here on the other side of the screen, the hustle is real, filling my schedule with so much that the blog became a sad afterthought for a while. Seeing your numbers drop is frustrating when you know you could keep it all going if only you had more time, but we need to keep realistic. You can’t force the words out. You can’t expect to mine gold from within when your soul’s worn out. Even when the gravy train’s speeding along and everything’s goingΒ amazing, youΒ can’t buy into your own hype β€” because it’ll bring your house of cards tumbling down, leaving you emptier than you started, needing to rediscover to get back on that horse.

April’s underway and everyone’s dusting the cobwebs off, getting ready to take advantage of the little good weather we get each year. Bloggers inΒ particular get chomping at the bit as brands look to increase their real-world visibility since influencers aren’t trapped in their homes anymore. 2015 got me started early β€” January and February came laden with more experiences and opportunities than I’dΒ ever expected, but March really drove the point home that I’m going to need to handle the blog with a level of professionalism I’m not used to, learning how to continueΒ evolving while keeping my messageΒ firmly in mind β€” a balance I think most too readily let slip through their fingers.

But let me do better than justΒ talk about it andΒ show you what went down in the month that kept me from the blog, feeling like a sign of things to come.