Gettin’ it in with GLAD — The Refrigerator Makeover You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Gettin' it in with GLAD — The Refrigerator Makeover You Didn't Know You Needed! (Featured Image)

There’s technology we take for granted.

The refrigerator—first introduced the way we know it today in the 1920s—is a much-loved but often underestimated appliance. Far as most of us are concerned, all it does is keep our food cold—we don’t care for the science behind it; we put delicious things in with the hope that they’ll remain so later.

So, you may not realize it, but there is a science to making the most out of your refrigerator—not the engineering that keeps a moderately-sized box cold enough to keep its contents fresh, but the know-how that’ll help you keep food fresher longer, get your produce performing at its best, and even help you make sneaky shifts in your dietary habits that can help you become the best version of yourself!

And with the help of GLAD, you can have these tips and tricks down in no time.

Gettin' it in with GLAD — The Refrigerator Makeover You Didn't Know You Needed! — A Bunch of Used Takeout ContainersOne look in my cupboards showed me that it’s all too easy to collect old takeout containers, sizeable enough for storing leftovers and baked goods, while also inexpensive, so you don’t really worry if anything gets damaged, like a lid getting cracked or one melting on the stove. After all, they’re a convenient bonus from some food you ordered, so why not make the most of your meagre investment in filling your belly?

But you get what you pay for, and relying on cheap plastic containers isn’t only dangerous with materials that aren’t BPA-free, it also means you’re not doing all you can for your food, and with Canadian households contributing 47% of the staggering $31 billion in food their nation wastes each year, that’s no laughing matter!

Food doesn’t last forever, but plenty of that spoilage is due more to poor storage techniques than keeping too much food on hand. While we may have a fair chunk of the world’s money, most adults know that groceries are expensive, and that we should make the most of whatever we have on hand.

Which is why you’re probably long overdue for a refrigerator makeover.

Gettin' it in with GLAD — The Refrigerator Makeover You Didn't Know You Needed! — A Whole Load of GLAD Food Protection Products!

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