The 2017 100 Wrap-Up β€” 31 Successes.

Several weeks, a few dozen photos and four thousand words later, we’ve finally made itβ€”the Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad 2017 wrap-up, filled with stories aplenty of 365 days spent in my not-so-orthodox life.

After wrapping the year up on a quiet note (because two sick children under five will do that to you), I still felt it necessary to do this. These year-to-year changeovers offer a lot of perspective for meβ€”with so much happening all the time, I often forget what I had for breakfast, so I write everything down. And if the height of the pile on my desk is any sign, 2017 was quite the year. But it’s also the time where I’m the most transparent, looking back objectively at everything I’ve done and celebrating successes, owning up to failures, hoping all the while that I’m somehow growing from the process.

But yeahβ€”let’s do this as we did in 2016: look at the year in excruciating detail, figuring out what’s worth taking with me into 2018 versus what doesn’t feel part of my world anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me presentβ€”the 31 things I did well in 2017! Let’s get it!

The Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad Christmas Gift Guide for Grown-Ups!

Last Updated: November 9, 2020.

Grown-ups need love, too!

The Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad Christmas Gift Guide... for Grown-Ups! β€” Gift Basket

As we close in on Christmas, it becomes blindingly obvious there’re two classes of shoppers during the holiday seasonβ€”the ones who knowΒ exactly what they’re getting for every person on their list… and the ones who keep it all ’til the last minute, ‘cuz they’ve noΒ idea what they’re getting!

You might think it too late in the season to be looking at gift guides, but I know we’ve all been the victim of a poorly planned gift atΒ least once. The kind of gift where it’s clear the giver didn’t really think aboutΒ youβ€”merely crossing another name off their list so they can pat themselves on the back.

But if you’re not putting any effort into it, why give a gift at all? Christmas isn’t about presents, right? It’s about family. Quality time. Going to church one of the few times many of y’all make it there. (I see you!)

I think you get the picture.

All that said, there’ll always beΒ some grown-ups in your life to shower with gifts. Parents. Spouses. Maybe some teachers or a chiropractor. (They might beΒ really good at what they do!) No matterΒ who’s on your list, here are a few gifts I hand-picked for the occasion!

(And with it being so close to Christmas, here are the direct links so you can get what you need with the quickness!)

Google Home & Google Home Mini
The Google Pixel 2/Google Pixel 2 XL
Google Chromecast
The Brewscovery Box
Philips Sonicare 9300 DiamondClean Smart
Altec Lansing Mini H2O 3
Ultimate Ears Wonderboom
GoPro Hero 6
KΓΌssi Stampede Classic 6-Piece Knife Set
Ice Evo Tweezers β€” Elegance
Ice Glass Foot File β€” Foot Care PedicureΒ β€” Lavender
Nespresso Vertuo Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Why My Next Phone HAD to be a Pixel 2 XL β€” a Casey Palmer x TELUS Joint

Zach Bussey put it well; to paraphrase: “if you’re going to be a serious influencer, youΒ should be using seriousΒ tools.” As someone whose phone’s fused to his hands, it’d better be aΒ good one!

Why My Next Phone HAD to be a Pixel 2 XL β€” a Casey Palmer x TELUS Joint β€” What's in the Box

I haven’t rocked a flagship model since my Lenovo Moto ZΒ a little while back, andΒ manΒ do you notice a difference! The phones I’ve had since wereΒ okay, but there was always somethingΒ not quite right when I used them. The camera wasn’t sharp enough. They lagged a little when I gamed. Enough of these imperfections and I knewβ€”my next phone needed to be as close to perfect as possible… and that’s when I spied the Google Pixel 2 XL!