My Christmas Gift Guide for Grown-Ups!

Grown-ups need love, too! As we close in on Christmas, it becomes blindingly obvious there’re two classes of shoppers during the holiday season—the ones who know exactly what they’re getting for every person on their list… and the ones who keep it all ’til the last minute, ‘cuz they’ve no idea what they’re getting! You… Continue reading My Christmas Gift Guide for Grown-Ups!

Philips OneBlade Review

Last Updated: October 6, 2020. “It’s not a product. It’s not a shaver. It’s a whole new category.“ — The Philips OneBlade marketing material The Philips OneBlade vs. Black Skin—Is It the Best Electric Shaver for Black Men? There’s a pretty universal truth when it comes to Black men and grooming—we can’t shave our faces… Continue reading Philips OneBlade Review

The 2016 100

I can’t even lie, guys—coming up with a list of 100 goals for the fourth year in a row was hard — ridiculously so. I’m a very different me than I was when The 2013 100 came out, back when free time was still an abundant commodity I didn’t even know I was taking for… Continue reading The 2016 100

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