100 Happy Days!

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It’s far too easy to be miserable.

Sadly, many of us get so wrapped up in our lives’ issues that we fail to focus on the things that inspire us to keep going, even when our lives aren’t quite where we’d like them.

When I was younger, marriage and children never factored into my plans—I just figured if I kept working at my ideas, I’d eventually sort everything out. “Build it and they shall come,” right?

Years down the road and that drive’s still very much alive, spurring me to chip away at ideas in the dead of night; never leaving me satisfied with any degree of success, always pushing me to fight for more; all while juggling priorities and handling things in my work and family lives.

Why do I bother? Why sacrifice sleep and energy on something that’s essentially just a glorified hobby? What’s the appeal?

I do it because it makes me happy.

Keeping Your Job Close and Your Happiness Closer

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The second of five posts from Andrea for the 2K11 24/7 Honeymoon Series!

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–Casey E. Palmer

Keeping Your Job Close and Your Happiness Closer

When we are young our minds and hearts are full of possibility. When we get older the world comes into sharper focus. Outside sources start to hem in our choices. The one thing that can’t ever be closed off or driven away is your happiness. I know some people who have married both their job and their happiness together. And others who have to keep them separate in order to live through one and keep the other safe.

Fresh Start?

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I don’t really blog that much at all these days. Life got a hold of me, and I lost my way. I’ve been relying on others to make my days work for me, and just not really paying attention in general.

Is this the way to lead life? Is that what I’m striving for daily? To exist and not quite reach a level of contentedness, but instead aim to just make a living day-to-day?

I think that living that way would be a farce. Who are we without our values, our goals and our dreams?

Reading a Xanga blog I follow, the topic was raised of a blogger that blogs regularly on things that make her happy. I think it’s a great thing to focus on.

Recently, I’ve been thinking of ventures I could segue into, and the problem keeps arising that for most ventures to be successful, they need to be something that one is passionate about.

I don’t feel that I have a passion for anything, but I’m likely wrong. I think I’ve become so hung up on self-doubt and putting up walls between myself and my accomplishments that I’m beginning to believe a fallacy.

So no more. I need to find what makes me happy.

I know for sure, one thing that makes me happy is helping people. In the office setting, I try to assist others with putting files together in Excel, Access or Word, because I know I know a fair bit and believe that I can be of assistance. I’m the type of person who’ll usually stop to help someone out on the street if they look lost. I help friends out when possible because I’d want someone to help make my life easier if it were at all possible. Helping people fuels me. When I worked in banking, I loved knowing that at the end of the day, I’d done everything possible to improve the lives of the clients who I saw regularly.

I want to keep helping people. I will find a way.

Thanks for listening, Internet 😊

–case p.

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