The Practice of Patience (Playing the Long Game)

Last updated on March 6th, 2021 at 02:41 am

In the #BloggerLife, I need to accept that success won’t come overnight. I’ve never been the best at exercising patience, but if I’m looking to build something that’ll last and make its mark on the world around it, I need to build it right, giving it whatever time and effort it needs to grow into something magnificent.

To this end, I often tell people I’m working with a 25-year plan. Oprah was around my age when she started the Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago, a then-little known radio personality who producers were giving a shot with a regular TV time slot to build her audience. Through the decades that followed, she built that chance into the empire we know today, with millions clinging to her every word as she shares intimate moments with some of the most powerful and influential people known today!

That’s how I see my brand—something eventually growing beyond the bounds of a blog, letting me tell stories that people wouldn’t hear otherwise. Even in the moments where the momentum’s at a standstill, the Gmail inbox devoid of anything interesting and the brain struggling to come up with an original thought, I’m learning more and more that there’re only 24 hours every day, and with the few available to hustle on the side diminishing as I grow older, I need to appreciate what I did accomplish in a day—not lament the things I didn’t.

Do you REALLY want to improve as much as you THINK you do?

Last updated on April 5th, 2021 at 02:15 am

Hello there, universe; let’s see how much of this post I can get out of my brain before I hit the hay for the night. So. The question arises—how much do you want to improve? No, seriously—think about it. How much do you really want to improve? We often complain about the places that we’re in in our lives. A job we don’t want. Tons of debt in our bank accounts. There are problems everywhere and no solution anywhere in sight. You want to give up because it’s so overwhelming. People tell you it’ll get better, but you just can’t seem to figure out how.

I’m here to tell you that things will improve. For sure, they will. But you need to want to make it happen. That’s right—improvement is going to take WORK.

Over the month so far, I’ve told you about different ways in which you can improve your life. Some might not be so applicable for you, but as I’m starting to discover amongst my friends both old and new—they at least apply to someone. People are writing again (thanks for the shout-out, G—I’m really happy that you’re back at it!); people gain inspiration from them—this tells me something. People genuinely want to improve. People know that oftentimes, their lives can be better than they currently are, but the entire idea of life is one thing. Making it happen is another thing entirely.

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