The 2K11 24/7 CXIV: I’ve Had Better Days! -aka- Health Before Wealth

Dear Everybody,

My swollen finger has upgraded itself to a finger infection. This is particularly crappy for a few reasons:
  1. It’s my typing finger (yes, I type with my two index fingers and use my thumbs for the space bar — not only do I type at 70 wpm with 90% accuracy, I’m 60% more efficient at typing than you “whole-hand” typists); I currently have switched to the middle finger on my left hand to compensate
  2. It hurts like heck (which is draining, distracts my attention from the rest of my life, and Sarah bumped into it twice today, and let me tell ya — OUCH.)
  3. It had to happen on a long weekend.
I’m really hoping that the walk-in clinics are open tomorrow — antibiotics are MUCH needed at the moment. I put some extra-strength Polysporin on it, but that’s supposed to be preventative — i.e., it ain’t doin’ nothin’.
But at the very least, this incident made me think of a blog topic: getting your health right!