Febreze | 12 Stinks of Christmas

Last updated on November 17th, 2020 at 02:13 am

And then somehow we found ourselves in peak 2016 holiday season, filling our December calendars as we start getting comfortable with 2017 being right around the corner.

Despite it all being meticulously documented (I am a blogger, after all,) it feels like just yesterday our second son made himself known through an unexpected delivery at home.

But November it is, and while you’d think I’d be content with juggling the day job, evening activities, and the things filling our weekends to keep the boys entertained, we still find ourselves hosting groups by the dozens for Sarah’s delicious holiday dinners.

These dinners don’t plan themselves, though—on the occasions we’ve got ourselves an army to feed, you suddenly find there’re rooms to clean, things to fix, and with a toddler running amok any time he’s awake, crumbs, spills, and stains found in places you’d never expect. And sure, you can try to get things back to the pristine state you knew when you first moved in, but let’s be real—you can clean all you want, but you’ll never quite get it back to that day one fresh.

At least, not on your own, anyway. And that’s why this holiday season, you need Febreze to save the day!

And they’ll tell you exactly how they’ll do it.

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