Butterball Canada Makes it Easy

Last updated on January 24th, 2021 at 12:10 am

Last Updated: January 23, 2021

When Butterball decided they liked my last post enough to order a second helping (please expect many turkey and Thanksgiving puns from here), I was up for pretty much anything! The last time we’d danced, I wound up hanging with Team Andretti as we watched all manner of vehicle drive ludicrously fast down by Exhibition place. As a parent, husband and homeowner, it can be tough to find the time for hitting events, but when they’re cool enough, you make time.

Which is to say that a courier caught me by surprise when he arrived at my door with a 6-kilo turkey in hand!

#ButterBallMakesItEasy—Can Butterball Canada Turn Casey From a Kitchen Turkey to a Cooking Whiz—Butterball Stuffed Turkey in its Packaging

So, context. In the nearly 8 years we’ve been together, Sarah and I have tried to cook a turkey but once, so put off by the disastrous result that we never tried again. An undercooked bird, a handful of tantrums and a hazy period of spiteful vegetarianism later, it’s a task I ignored, thinking I wouldn’t need to do it until either set of parents decided they didn’t want to host family dinners anymore*.

But a big part of holidays is family, and now with one of my own, it’d probably be for the best if I learned a thing or two about putting a holiday spread together. I mean, it’s the least I could do for the people who’ve put up with me this long, right?

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