Ideas Unrealized

We all have ideas. Some change the world. Some are fleeting. Some shouldn't have been dreamt up in the first place. They're out there, though. But what do we do with all of these ideas? Unfortunately, many of the greatest ideas get lost in the ether as we forget them, don't act upon them because we don't think they're good enough, don't share them with others for fear that they'll steal and profit from them or just simply have others shoot them down – it could even be a combination of these things. I find that these things happen far too often in some of the circles I'm in, but I can be especially good at not listening to people at times :). One of the tenets of the 2K11 24/7 will be to act on the ideas that would otherwise be left to die. Ideas for apps. Ideas for websites. Tools. Comics. Parties. Events. Just things that can be done to improve the quality of life for people in general. It's impossible to know where to start, but I'm going to try hard to keep innovation at the helm, and hopefully myself and others can come out of 2011 with some disgustingly awesome content!

To totally contradict one of my goals of owning less stuff, I decided to get a Moleskine daily planner to help plan these blog posts better with the ideas that come to me in the course of a day. In my defense, I messed up the timing for when I was supposed to meet Sarah for dinner and got in the Yonge/St. Clair area 45 minutes area. Not knowing that pretty much everything seemed to close at 6 pm (it was 6:15), I wandered until I found somewhere to wander for a half hour. I was hoping for a library and instead found a Book City. With Moleskine 2011 planners at half price. Half price. Moleskine. That's like just baiting me. Horrible. Anyway, I hope it will better guide these random thought processes of mine.
So back to the point – if you have ideas out there, please act on them. If you don't feel they're good enough, feel free to run them by me! You never know how much better an idea might get when you collaborate with someone else – maybe they'll see something you didn't. Maybe they'll trigger something in your mind that you didn't know was there. But don't just let your ideas die!
I know Kevin has one out there – I'm keeping my eye on you, bro – don't let me down!
So what is the 2K11 24/7? So far I know it's about:
  • Cleaning up one's act
  • Chasing one's dreams
  • Improving one's ability to impact the world around them
  • Building connections and community
But what does it all mean?
I guess only time, and a LOT of elbow grease, will help me to figure that out!
Until next time,
–case p.

The 2010 20K: Day 13 – Reality Blogging

Best idea EVER. Obviously, there’s a ton of reality television out there on the airwaves. It’s really taken off in the last decade as we now sit in front of the TV to see dancers, singers, survivors, people in search of love and people willing to travel, battle or eat anything for one big, fat paycheque.

But have you seen a lot of reality BLOGGING? Yes, one could argue that all personal blogs are reality blogs – real people talking about real things to their audiences. But they’re seldom done in the style of reality TV – people conquering regular challenges in the pursuit of an end goal. This blog would be PERFECT for that. I’ve thought about the prospect of finding a different store to work for each weekend (work with me here – I know a lot of stores would be hesitant due to HOUR policies and loss prevention worries) for four hours or so (or maybe 8 for 110 – 55 is still the magic number), and I could blog about the experience and give them some publicity. I think this might work! I’ll have to write up a letter about the challenge and a resume specifically tailored for this, but if I can make this happen, it would be SO AWESOME!!! This also has me thinking of a business idea – giving OTHERS something to blog about. I know I’ve often been subject to the boredom bug – what if someone helped you to find ways to make your life more interesting, tailored to your needs? Or helped you and your friends set up a reality blog of your own? Casey Palmer – consultant in awesomeness 😉 The Google Ads have seemed to kick off pretty well so far – the estimated earnings to date sit at about $15 – please keep clicking at (think about it this way – the sooner and more often you click, the less you’ll need to hear my begging and pleading for you to do it!) – cheques are paid out monthly with a minimum of $25 for payout. January’s been a slow month (since, you know, I’m only starting out), so I hope to supplement where I can while I get things sorted out.One of my other goals in life (more of an on-going one) is to clear out all the extra unneeded stuff in my life. For example, I have this box full of photo reference for drawings that I’ve never used:


But now I’m starting to and it’s resulting in sketches like these:


(I think it’s evident from my attempted Sandra Bullock and Seann William Scott that I could do with doing some more portrait work.)

So I’m going to keep at it, since the sooner and quicker I start drawing comics again, the sooner I can start getting Fish n Chimps out again for the masses to enjoy 🙂

One other thing I found in a desk drawer was a bunch of Avery business cards, from back when I used to print my own business cards for conventions and whatnot. Once I get a design down, I think I’ll start getting these passed out around town so that the word can start spreading.

Daily blogging also seems to have some side benefits – an old classmate contacted me today with a proposition for doing some marketing/research/general advertising/internet guru stuff – I still don’t quite know what this means, but I’m hoping to find out when he gets back to me 🙂

So I’m thinking that some of y’all … okay, maybe MOST of y’all don’t comment since you don’t want to be in the spotlight or whatever whatever. What if I told you that there was a way for you to ask me questions without commenting? Even.. yes, I’m going there… ANONYMOUSLY? Yeah, this might open me up to all sorts of horrifying thoughts lurking at the back of your mind, but when have I ever treaded with caution?

I have two sites where you can freely ask questions, and I’ll aim to get back to you sooner than later:

Hit me with it! I know you have stuff you want to know about me and the madness behind all of this! I’m here! Bring it on!

The 9 to 5 is promising to get more challenging in the next few months, but don’t think that’ll keep me away! I hope you keep visiting, keep ad clicking and keep asking questions in the next coming while – you never know what to expect, or if you might be able to help 😀

The 2010 20K Running Total = $62.20

Until next time, I remain:–case p.