Infographics: A New Calling?

YO! For all y’all who haven’t been paying attention, this week has been a crazy one for me!

After getting my DMX chart put together, I submitted it over to I Love Charts over at Tumblr, expecting to pull off some hits for my clever (yet horribly, horribly dated) wit. And get hits is what I did – over the course of a couple of days, it landed about 36 notes, which are people either reblogging or “liking” my content. Sweet! But that wasn’t the real surprise.

Tuesday morning, I got an email from my friend Clare labelled “OMG your GRAPH!” Now, here I was thinking that she’d seen it and was just appalled at the material I was putting together – but then I thought, “Wait a minute – this is Clare – she wouldn’t give a crap”. When I opened the email, I went bug-eyed.

My pie chart had made it onto The Huffington Post ( Say what?! Yes – apparently my chart had made enough of an impact on someone for them to go and post it in the humour section of one of the most-viewed and commented-upon newspapers on the Internet! My joke of a chart had somehow built up some notoriety of its own! Sweet!

So let’s see what a little more exposure did for the stats:

  • 240 diggs
  • 110 shares on Facebook

So you KNOW what this means, right?

Case P.’s gotta make some more charts!

Aiming to get an Olympic-related one out sometime this week 😀

Otherwise, just learning more about WordPress, sketching like a madman and working on ideas for my clients.

Keep it cool, everyone!

–case p.