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The 2K11 24/7 CCLXXXIX: Inspirational Sundays — Maurice Ashley

Earlier today, I was taking a break and indulging in some TV (a rarity for me), when on PBS, I came across a documentary called America Beyond the Color Line. While I don’t often have the patience or attention span to sit through a documentary, this one struck a […]

The 2K11 24/7 LXXXVI: Inspirational Sundays — Instapaper Saves the Day!

Sometimes you come across things in life that are so awesome that you can’t help but share them. You’re COMPELLED. They improve your life in ways you would have never imagined, and now, you’d never look back. With this in mind, cue Instapaper. I’d heard of Instapaper before — […]

The 2K11 24/7 LXXIX: Inspirational Sundays — Undercover Boss

It took me 22 hours to come up with something inspirational that I wanted to share with you today, but I eventually came across it when Sarah asked me to watch an episode of “Undercover Boss” with her. In it was Scott Sibella, the President/COO of the MGM […]

The 2K11 24/7 LXXII: Inspirational Sundays — Enter Obama

So being a Canadian, usually I don’t get too involved in things like the American presidential election race. But, as many can attest to, the ’08 Obama-McCain race struck a chord with people from all over the world. Was it a Black thing? Maybe. Was it a stand […]

The 2K11 24/7 LXV: Inspirational Sundays — Team Hoyt

Sunday means different things to different people. To some people it’s a day of rest. To others, worship and praise. And to others yet, it’s just another day. I like Sundays to be a bit special, myself, so I’m thinking that maybe I’ll start taking some of the […]

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