Consistently Inconsistent

As I hustle to consolidate my ideas in one place, I can’t help but look back on the year so far and how much I’ve accomplished in the process. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to slow things down and take some time to let things simmer, but it hasn’t been that kind of year—I’m finally… Continue reading Consistently Inconsistent

Esurance | Insurance Done Right

You buy clothes that fit your style and do things that fit your interests. So why’re you buying the same insurance as everybody else? Esurance has brought homeowners and auto insurance to Ontario and Alberta—insurance unique enough to fit you like a second skin! Come read all about it! It finally happened, Toronto. We thought… Continue reading Esurance | Insurance Done Right Auto Insurance

I’ve heard it said that driving a car is easy—it’s just everybody else on the road that you need to worry about! In the three years I’ve driven so far (because once you’ve hit 30, it’s time to start taking adulting seriously), I’ve seen some things. I’ve learned to wish ill upon those who do sudden lane changes… Continue reading Auto Insurance

Live Better—Letting isure do the Worrying FOR You.

Everybody has something they’re trying to protect. I didn’t fully appreciate it until we started having kids, but I’d take a bullet for my family. The things I held dear before were far more intangible—my viewpoints and ideals; the things you couldn’t see but very much made me who I was. But now? Amidst sleepless… Continue reading Live Better—Letting isure do the Worrying FOR You.

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