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Chatting with Casey 0007 — SEE Each Other (Featured Image)

Chatting with Casey 0007 — SEE Each Other.

“Be kind to yourself, Be true to yourself, And always move forward.” — Drekken Pownz, Chatting with Casey, Episode Seven: “SEE Each Other.” When my friend Marie Nicola heard I was doing my podcast, she congratulated me on putting something together with such high production value but thought me nuts […]

Casey Palmer Does Global TV's The Morning Show! (Featured Image)

Casey Palmer Does Global TV’s The Morning Show!

Being a modern blogger and doing it right means keeping on top of every channel you want to stay active on—even ones predating social media, like the blog. This summer’s seen a lot go down in the #BloggerLife, including interactions with traditional media that have me stoked to keep growing the brand, […]

Talking Tales from the 2.9 with Gail Vaz-Oxlade! (Featured Image)

RADIO INTERVIEW ANNOUNCEMENT: Talking Tales from the 2.9 with Gail Vaz-Oxlade!!!

Hi all, just taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to let you know that if you’re a night owl like me, I’ll be chatting about the Tales from the 2.9 project with Gail Vaz-Oxlade tomorrow night (Monday, February 22nd, 2016) at 10:40 PM ET on her […]

The We. & We Free. Promotional Poster

COMIN’ RIGHT UP: The We & We Free featuring Junia-T!

In a time before blogging was my extracurricular activity of choice, I used to draw like a fiend. On break at work. Zipping around on buses between home, school and work. I’d fall asleep with pens and markers in hand as I tried to draw just a little more (my Mom […]

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