Drekken Pownz | SEE Each Other.

In the second part of my interview with Drekken Pownz, we look at why there may be more gay people than the stats say, what it’s like living life having to hide who you are, and why X-Men is the perfect analogy for society’s view on homosexuality. Check it out! “Be kind to yourself,Be true… Continue reading Drekken Pownz | SEE Each Other.


And out of nowhere, like a dreaded cold that chills your bones, The Months of Ber have fallen upon us, signalling the time to check on our affairs and tie up loose ends wherever we can. With summer wrapped up but a wealth of work still sitting on my plate, I looked at my desk… Continue reading THE MONTHS OF BER: Once More, With FEELING.

Making the Earth a Greener Place!

Every year, April 22nd is Earth Day. Which is good, because I totally forgot about Earth Hour a little while back, apparently choosing to sit around and watch TV with Sarah instead. I’m going to go about it a little differently this time, though. I’m a big fan of making our world a greener place:… Continue reading Making the Earth a Greener Place!

Even More Job Tips

I can feel it—the PHP flowing through my fingers as my templates come to fruition—it’s good times over here in Caseyville as “the plan” starts to show a bit more of its true colours! I’m really glad that I have coding gurus like Kev and R.T. who can help steer me right when I make… Continue reading Even More Job Tips

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