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Papier — An Old School Blogger's Battle with Perfectionism (Featured Image)

Papier — An Old School Blogger’s Battle with Perfectionism

It’s the same thing every time—sit down, pull out my stack of paper and rifle through it ’til I find something good to write about. Sometimes I come up short. Sometimes I find a gem. I never quite know what I’ll find, but the one thing I know’s […]

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer — SERENITY NOW- Act 1 — Suffering in Silence. (Featured Image)

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer — SERENITY NOW: Act 1 — Suffering in Silence.

So you may have noticed the blog a little lacking of late. Life hasn’t been so forgiving lately, and yes—it’s been a struggle. Whether it’s the transition to being a schoolkid’s Dad and the rigorous schedule that comes with it or the 12-hour days the 9-5 had for me […]

Thirty-Four- Becoming the Man I've Been Looking For (Featured Image)

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer — Thirty-Four: Becoming the Man I’ve Been Looking For

And all of a sudden, the blog came to a standstill. I can’t blame it on anything in particular—I had more than enough to write about with nearly a dozen posts sitting around at about 90% complete—but things felt different. Some stories felt false. Deadlines didn’t feel as urgent anymore. 2017’s been my […]

A Long Kiss Goodnight to Blogging — Why It’s Time to Evolve to the NEXT Best Thing

I hit a point where I didn’t want to write a damn word. Those who know my #BloggerLife would think me crazy—I’d built a world always filled with adventure, and opportunity was in abundant supply with each passing day. It’s a brand that’s developed over years—one shaping a handsome lifestyle and […]

31 Things I Know Now That I'm 31 Interlude — We Don't Die, We Multiply (Banner)

31 Things I Know Now That I’m 31 INTERLUDE — We Don’t Die, We Multiply.

I struggle. 2015’s been a mighty impressive year for the #BloggerLife so far, with opportunities and accomplishments I’d never have dreamt of. Some of the more notable successes include: Butterball Canada choosing me as their first-ever male ambassador, looking to enter the summer with plenty of content about […]

The Months of 'Ber — Why I Write- Getting Back to Basics!!! (Banner)

THE MONTHS OF ‘BER — Why I Write: Getting Back to Basics!

Sometimes you need to clear everything out to find some breathing room. Things are cluttered in the Life and Times of Casey Palmer right now, constantly busy without feeling like I’m getting anywhere at all. Work’s frenetic, with a haphazard project that rarely affords me time to think, much less work on […]

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